Our Philosophy

SEI MEE TEA believes quality green tea is one of the simplest things people can incorporate in their everyday life to enhance their wellness.

When people find joy and excitement in using quality green tea, people eat healthier and feel happier.

To bring joy, excitement, and health with green tea, we do 3 things every day: 1. Offer quality products, 2. Inform what genuine green teas are, and 3. Create new ideas to enjoy green tea “outside of the box”.

For us, green tea represents Japan: our extended family. It is important for us to offer the best and safest green tea to America, home of our family.

SEI MEE TEA®: Touting Green Tea Benefits since 2004

SEI MEE TEA® is a USDA certified organic tea processor in Oregon
Certified by OTCO (Oregon Tilth)

Cancer Survivor Story

SEI MEE TEA®, a family business in rural Oregon, was created by its founder, Kiyomi Koike, from her desire to introduce the real, true story about green tea to American folks.

Her passionate journey started when her husband, Bill, was diagnosed with colon cancer with only a 50% survival chance. That was 3 months after Kiyomi’s second child was born, and her mother had just called her to inform her that her father was in bed dying of lung cancer. Kiyomi was scared, confused and depressed. Her 3-year-old son was watching his mother sobbing with her newborn in her arms. He stood by his mother and gently patted her shoulders, saying, “It’s O.K., Mommy; it’s O.K.” That’s when Kiyomi decided to “do something” and move forward.

Kiyomi told Bill to drink 10 cups of freshly brewed green tea every day. It was a well-known fact in Japan, where she was born and grew up, that you need to drink 10 cups to get health benefits from brewed green tea. Bill was not fond of the flavor of the brewed green tea.

He managed to gulp them down for her the first and the second day, and on the third day, he stared into Kiyomi’s eyes and said, “I can’t drink this anymore—I’d rather die.”

That day Kiyomi started her intensive research. SEI MEE TEA’s signature product, Edible Green®, was found during her research.

Consuming the entire tea leaf in fine powder form is by far the most efficient way to enjoy green tea’s healthful value and the tastiest way to enjoy green tea—because you don’t throw away any nutrition or flavor.

Edible Green® is Sencha powder; it is easy to prepare—just mix with water, hot or cold, so no steeping time to worry about to make a perfect cup of tea. The quality Sencha powder offers smoothness on your palate and soothing flavor.

She learned Sencha powder is even better than Matcha for cancer patients because Sencha powder has more antioxidants and less caffeine than Matcha.

Bill said, “I can drink this,” and he started to drink Edible Green® every day. When Bill told his oncologist about the green tea in 2002, he didn’t turn down the idea, but he was not enthusiastic at that time.  He just said, “It won’t do any harm. You can drink green tea, if you want to.”  Later on, as Bill’s treatment went on and he was showing progress, Bill again explained to his oncologist about the green tea. His oncologist seemed interested this time.

Young Kana in Tea field After 5 years passed, his oncologist said to him, “I did a lot of research about green tea. You are clear—you don’t have to come back to see me anymore, but DON’T STOP DRINKING EDIBLE GREEN®!”

The left photo was taken during our first visit to an organic tea farm in Japan.  Kiyomi’s daughter was 5 then.  She is now 17 (picture below).  And her dad is still with her and her family.

Kana in tea field

Kiyomi’s desire blossomed to that of sharing her discoveries and offering the purest and simplest form of green tea powder to the American public. Being a proud U.S.citizen, Kiyomi has a vision: Edible Green® Sencha powder will become a staple in the pantry of every household, not just as tea, but also, as time goes on, as a widely used “herb” for cooking in this great country.

We believe in green tea, and you will find the best green tea from Japan at SEI MEE TEA. “SEI MEE” is pronounced “Say-Me” and means “pure beauty.” 

After seeing and hearing many of her customers’ amazing stories with SEI MEE TEA, Kiyomi believes the power of quality green tea as part of holistic health regimen. Her belief lead Kiyomi to become a certified wellness coach. With her unique experience with business and holistic health, her mission as a wellness coach is to help overwhelmed female small business owners to overcome confusion and stress so that they will improve their productivity and enjoy their life again.

family picture 2018

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