My Matcha Story

Read real stories by real people who are drinking SEI MEE TEA and are feeling better.  Since “Matcha” is becoming a popular term as “green tea powder”, we call it “MATCHA Story” and these stories are about healing journeys with all the green tea powder products we offer including Edible Green Sencha Green Tea Powder Regular & Decaf.  We hope each story gives you inspiration and hope, and encourages you to make Matcha and/or Sencha Green Tea Powder an important part of your everyday life.  

Do you have your own story?   Please share with us and spread hope and healing now!

Melinda’s Story

In the following video, find how Melinda conquered melanoma without chemotherapy. She drinks Edible Green® tea as her naturopathic oncologist instructed. Now she is cancer free and feels 10 years younger and strong.

Bill’s Story

Halloween 2001 was scary indeed.  My local doctor and I agreed that some blood in my stools and on toilet paper might be more than “just hemorrhoids,” and that despite the fact that I was just 56, a colonoscopy would be a good precaution.  And even though the result was terrifying, it was lucky we chose to do it. The exam was just in time to give me at least a fighting chance. Read More…

Bill     November 2018

Jennifer’s Story

My boss bought some SEI MEE TEA Edible Green® Tea and told me to use it anytime I liked.  So I started drinking it after lunch everyday.  One day, I came in the office feeling fatigued, nauseous and had a headache.  I decided to go ahead and drink some green tea… within 10 minutes, I felt alert and my stomach was calm.
I am very glad I was introduced to this product, it is now a part of my daily routine.

Jennifer        August 2018

Dr. Winkelman’s Story

 Winkelman Educational Solutions
                                       Dr. D. C. Winkelman
                                      Educational Consultant
                                          La Grande, Oregon
                                         Ph.  541-910-7195

May 9, 2018

Sei Mee TeaLLC
Enterprise, Oregon

Dear Kiyomi Koike,

I wish to thank you for your Green Tea Product.  I have been dealing several years with a chronic lower back pain.  Having tried a number of services such as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and exercises with no success, I had given up hope, and that I would have to live with the pain.  This all started when I accidentally was crossing a lawn and stepped into a hole covered by grass.  This jolted my pelvis severely and the years of pain started.

When I would wake up in the morning I could hardly walk.  To relieve the pain I would have to stoop over and walk around the house.  Sometimes the pain would go away slightly and some days it wouldn’t.  If I sat for any length of time the pain would again come on strongly.  I just learned to live with it on a daily basis.

It was so nice to meet you and your husband at the Physical Fitness Center, ” The Vault” in Enterprise and be introduced to your Green Tea Product.  Finding out that it was developed in Japan and what it did to help our bodies to heal themselves was very interesting to me.  I decided to purchase your produce and see if it would help with my lower back pain problem.

I first started by taking the tea twice a day, in the morning and evening.  After three days I noticed that I was able to get up in the morning without pain.  After about two weeks I took the Tea only in the morning.


I would recommend that you try this product and see for yourself if it will help you with any of the other problems that you might have.  It has been used for all sorts of problems for a long time and been successful.

My best wishes to each of you,
Dr. D.C. Winkelman
Educational Consultant

Shellea’s MATCHA Story

My MATCHA story started about 7 years ago. My life turned upside down when my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I have spent the last 7 years enduring unrelenting stress; trying to raise our two children and manage my husband’s care. This past year, my body has been crying out…ENOUGH! I have been suffering with headaches, body aches – muscle and nerve pain, I took a bad fall and have been recovering from a concussion, food sensitivity, pure exhaustion and depression.

About 8 weeks ago, while on a trip I decided to try a Matcha Frappuccino instead of my usual special coffee drink. I thought it was delicious! The following day, I decided to have another Matcha Frappuccino and it was just as delicious…by the third day, something was different. I FELT better.

I don’t know how else to explain it, I just felt better. I came home and bought my own MATCHA from SEI MEE TEA and I have had at least two servings a day since.

The benefits I have noticed…the pain in my muscles and nerves is gone, totally gone. My headaches are much less frequent. I have the energy now to not only start the laundry but I can fold and put it away, which used to take me three days! I am resting better at night.

The most exciting part for me is that I FEEL my concussion is getting better. My brain isn’t so foggy and I am not overstimulated as easily as I had been. I don’t know all the technical reasons why I am feeling better, I just know I am!

I just feel better! Thank you Kiyomi and SEI MEE TEA!

  Shellea Van Winkle             October 2017

Shellea and Bob

Bob’s MATCHA Story

My MATCHA Story Part 2…

So my MATCHA story also includes my husband’s story. My husband, Bob, was diagnosed 7 years ago with a dementia having Alzheimer’s type symptoms. For the past 7 years his health and memory have continued to go downhill. 3 years ago, Bob was placed in a memory care facility, as I was no longer able to care for him at home. His needs for care and safety were beyond what I could offer. His health has declined as well as his memory. Bob still knows that I am his wife, but because our teenage boys have grown and changed so much, he doesn’t know them. It is heartbreaking at best!

Since I have had such positive results drinking the MATCHA, I decided to try it on Bob. I decided to buy the Decaffeinated Sencha Green Tea Powder from Sei Mee Tea, as it seemed to have the most antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. I have been giving Bob one cup of tea a day, for about two weeks.

The benefits I was hoping Bob would have were; mood elevation (as he suffers greatly with depression), relief from pain (they have been changing his medications because he was falling a lot but this change has caused a lot of pain) and consistent bowel movements (I know TMI!) So, these are the things I hoped the tea would help with.  The changes I have seen have been wonderful and somewhat unexpected!

Bob’s mood is lighter. He smiles, which he rarely has recently and he jokes around, which he hasn’t done in a long time. His pain seems to be less intense than it was before. Yes, his bowel movements seem to be more frequent and consistent.

Other unexpected changes that I have noticed…He used to write me little notes, but he hasn’t written in over 2 years. Last week he asked me to bring him some paper and pencils and he has begun to scribble and write! He has had a telephone in his room, but for the past 6 months he has not been able to answer it. These past two weeks he has answered it almost every time I call….and, his voice is a very cheery “HELLO!”

Bob was complaining about his eyes a lot. They looked like they hurt and were always kind of weepy. I have noticed that his eyes are clear and he “looks better” as the staff has reported. One staff member said she felt like Bob has been much more conversive since beginning the tea.

Just before I started Bob on his daily tea, his physician had prescribed 4 weeks of therapy to see if it would help with the pain and maybe strengthen his legs so he would be more stable. We went to the assessment a day or two before Bob began the tea regimen. The therapist did many tests on Bob and came up with a score. 26 is the highest and anything under 19 is a fall risk…Bob scored a 7!

Well, this Thursday Bob had his first therapy session. He did not want to take his walker because he is feeling less dizzy, so we left it behind. The therapist was so shocked at the difference in Bob! Only a short time ago Bob could hardly get into the therapy office, with a walker because he was so unstable. He asked what we had done differently. I started by saying, “Well, I have tried to keep him more hydrated….and…. I started him on this Decaffeinated Green Tea Powder”. The therapist was so interested, because he saw with his own eyes the difference in Bob!

Is Bob healed? No. Will he be healed from drinking the tea? I don’t know. He is a long way down the dementia road…but there is something happening in his brain! If I knew of someone who was recently diagnosed with dementia, I would buy them a pack of Matcha or Sencha Green Tea Powder myself and strongly encourage them get on a daily regimen!

Again, I do not know the medical or technical reasons my husband is having such positive results in drinking the Sencha tea. I do know that there is a change…a positive change and believe me, a positive change is something new to this situation. For Bob’s sake…I encourage you to at least try MATCHA or Sencha Green Tea Powder! You might be surprised at the changes in your own health!

Shellea Van Winkle  for my husband Bob                October 2017

Kathy’s MATCHA Story

Last year I added 5 servings of the tea to my diet when I was diagnosed with “complex hyperplasia with atypia” – a precancerous condition that has a 43% chance of turning to cancer.

I changed a lot of things at that time including adding the tea to my diet (I drink it, cook with it, have it every day).

Not sure it was causal, but after the surgery the biopsy showed neither cancer nor hyperplaisia. So that was good news.

But the other good news is that during this time my chronic joint pain from old injuries went away. During one short period of two weeks when I was out of tea I noticed the discomfort creeping back, so I added the tea back and in 4 days it was gone.

I used to use a lot of pain relievers… now it is very rare when I have even one.

I can for certain connect the tea to relief of the inflammation of arthritis, and am happy to share the other info. If nothing else, adding green tea drinking (and other behavior changes) made for a terrific recovery rate post-surgery.

Good stuff.

Kathy Bowman,   October, 2012

I’m still getting a lot of benefit from the matcha for my joint pain related to a “horse wreck” years ago. I almost never need over the counter pain pills any more… which is great for the rest of me.

Combined with a better diet and so on (turns out wheat and dairy aren’t my friends, though they are for other people) I have more energy and can tolerate stress better – even can hike and ride bikes which I couldn’t before.

I always have matcha in the house, and find that a couple servings or so in the day make a difference in the pain level.

Kathy Bowman       October, 2017

Kathy's story

Joy’s MATCHA Story

I started drinking Sei Mee Ground Green Tea after I was diagnosed with cancer and have been drinking it daily for the past 10 years. I attribute my continued health to the tea, fresh food, daily exercise and stress reduction.

Thank you Kiyomi for making ground green tea available, for coming into my life at the right time, for your quick mail service and your personal attention.
Joy to you

Joy Green   February 2017 

Joy's story

Jennifer H.’s MATCHA Story

I credit matcha for a huge boost in my quality of life—in terms of energy, oral health, skin condition, reduction of nerve and muscle pain, and my overall well being. I literally don’t leave home without it.

I have two chronic illnesses, both of which are aggravated by coffee. My first diagnosis was in 2011, and when I was pulled off coffee, I decided to give ground green tea (sencha) a try. I didn’t immediately love it, but within a week, it had become a comforting and satisfying ritual, and after two weeks of stopping coffee and starting green tea, my excruciating pain was on its way out. A few months later, it was gone for good. Green tea has been great for my teeth, too.

When I discovered matcha, I instantly loved it—it is so much better than espresso in terms of delivering energy without jitters or mid-afternoon crashes. I have occasionally had coffee in the last few years, and it always leaves me feeling crummy and dehydrated, whereas matcha always makes me feel good.

I usually drink my matcha hot with a little whole (raw) milk whisked in. I also put it in smoothies. I have found it to be a great skin conditioner, too—just mix it with water and/or other ingredients and smooth it on my face and neck and leave it there for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

I highly, highly recommend trying matcha if you have chronic health issues, are looking for a much better alternative to coffee, or just want to give your body some love.

Jennifer H.                November 2017

Jennifer's story

Yoerina’s Matcha Story

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3 six years ago. She did chemotherapy and also drank your tea maybe 10 cups a day :-). She’s doing great now and still drinking a couple of cups daily.  Thank you again for everything that you do.

Yoerina         December 2017

Yoerina's story

By “giving it away,” you can use your own journey as a means to help others on theirs.
– Sherry Hamby, Ph.D. (Professor of Psychology)