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Autoship Program

Save Money and Time

Become a member of our autoship program and enjoy the convenience of having Sei Mee Tea products shipped to you directly without the hassle of calling or ordering online. It’s simple and easy to join: Just give us a call or email and we will collect your shipping, credit card, and order information:  which item(s) and how often you would like to receive it. You will soon be on the road to enjoying your tea, hassle-free!

  1. As a member of our autoship program, there is no commitment and no minimum order.
  2. Easily change or stop your order. If you need to make any changes, just notify us by phone, email, or mail. 
  3. If for any reason you decide to cancel, you can email or call toll-free 1-866-844-9448, and the autoship immediately stops.
  4. Save money and time–You will save 5% on products by using the Autoship program.  Autoship also makes a great gift for those who wish to give the gift of great health!

I love your products and services, and take every opportunity to treat friends to a really great green tea experience with Sei Mee. Most people are unaware that green tea doesn’t have to be pale and wan and boring!
-Cynthia, autoship member

Contact us:   Toll free: 1-866-844-9448 Email:

Mail: Sei Mee Tea LLC, P.O. Box 276 Enterprise, OR 97828

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