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Facts & Benefits

Green Tea and Exercise

Is Green Tea Good to Drink Before and During Exercise?

Do You Really Live Longer if You Exercise?

Green Tea with Whey for Post-exercise Drink

Green Tea Benefits News

Green Tea Effects Over Telomeres and Aging

Can a Pitcher of Iced Green Tea Change Your Life

Green Tea Naps (As in Coffee Naps)

Mindful Wellness and Green Tea

Green Tea and Gut Health

Green Tea and Allergies

Green Tea Tonic

Green Tea and Alzheimer’s Disease

Green Tea and Bone Health

Hojicha for Cold Weather

2017 Tax Filing Deadline-How to Triumph

Drink Green Tea to Control Blood Pressure when You Eat Chocolate

Green Tea Benefits You Would Appreciate During Summer

Relieve Stress with Green Tea

Tea Facts

What is Tea

Can Kids Drink Green Tea?

Is Your Matcha Real?

First Flush Tea, Shincha (Shin-Cha)



Green Tea Drink Recipes


Delicious Iced Matcha Lemon

Green Tea Cocktails for Summer

What are Matcha Shots?

Shaken Iced Green Tea

How to Make Shrubs for Iced Green Tea

Flavored Simple Syrups for Iced Green Tea

Green Tea Cocktails

Sparkling Green Tea

Healthy Green Tea Recipes

Green Chili and Matcha Chimichurri

Spiced Matcha Candied Walnuts

Coconut Matcha Energy Bites

Antioxidant-Rich Homemade BBQ Marinade

Homemade Wasabi Green Peas

Spicy Matcha Crunchy Chickpeas

Gluten Free Biscotti made with Matcha

Genmaicha Matcha Chocolate

Can Green Tea be Used to Brine Meat?

Matcha Cookies to Celebrate Spring

Routine / Lifestyle

Holistic Health using Green Tea

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” ~ Get the most for your wellbeing. Coming soon!


How to Enjoy Green Tea Better

Discover New Flavor-How to Plan a Green Tea Tasting Party

New Way to Enjoy Traditional Green Teas Better


How to Make Green Tea

What is the Best Choice for Sweetening Green Tea

Iced Green Tea for Summer



Affiliate Information

How to Create an Affiliate Account

Connections and Collaborations

Interview with Azure Standard: The Largest Organic Food Distributor

High School Students Promoting Green Tea

Being a Part of a Movement

Unsugar, or Unsweeten?

Chocolate Story in Paris

Today’s Japan-One Year after 3.11

Upcoming and Past Events

Visit Booth #45 at the NW Tea Festival 2018

Japanese Tea Ceremony and Green Tea Pairing

Green Tea Tasting and Tea Ceremony

Green Tea Tasting