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Green Tea Date Vegan Jello

Green Tea Date Vegan Jello

Do you know Agar? It's made with seaweed and works like gelatine but it is plant-based. When I was a kid, I enjoyed "Anmitsu," which is a popular dessert made with "Kanten." Kanten, which is the Japanese name of Agar, is translucent like gelatine, but it is farmer...

Culture & Business

How to take care of clay teaware

How to take care of clay teaware

I was raised in a city that is famous for its Japanese pottery, Seto ware. Seasonal "Seto ware festivals" were held twice a year and I was surrounded by pottery and porcelain at home. Thanks to my parents' appreciation for Seto ware, I also developed a love for...

We are hiring!

We are hiring!

  We are looking for unique individuals to join our team. If you enjoy tea or sharing your skills and expertise about organic green tea, wellness, and online business, email us your application.Grow SEI MEE TEA together!We have been offering quality organic...

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Tea Glossary


Collaborative Presentations 2021


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Japan Tea Tasting Tour 2019

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