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Drink Green Tea for Strictinin: “First Aid” against Flu Infection

How flu infiltrates your body

Let’s take a look at how flu virus starts to affect your body. The following quote was taken from UW Medicine’s website:

“The flu virus typically enters your body through your nose via droplets from an infected person who sneezes or coughs near you. If a sick person is standing within six feet of you, they’re close enough to spread germs.

Once in your nose, the virus sets up residence, infecting the cells in your nasal passageways and airways. The virus enters a cell and replicates, making daughter viruses (aka copies of itself) that then go and infect more cells nearby. This continues until more and more of your cells are infected. ”

According to our research, it takes up to 20 minutes before the virus enters a cell. So this would be a crucial window for your defense. And Green Tea offers a substance that helps you in this stage.

Drink Green Tea for Strictinin to inhibit the invasion

In Camelia Sinensis (a tea plant), there are more polyphenols present than Catechins, and Strictinin is one of them. “Strictinin is a member of the ellagitannin family of hydrolyzable tannins. Ellagitannins have been reported to have important biological activities such as anti-tumor, and antiviral actions, and anti-topoisomerase activity. Stricttinin also shows antioxidative and antiallergic activities. Moreover, Strictinin is a promoter in the formation of the Catechin-polysaccharide complex, which is a potential immunostimulator.”

Also, a study shows Strictinin inhibited flu-induced hemifusion, the initial stage of the virus’s absorption into the cell membrane. The study concludes that “Strictinin could provide a much-needed addition to the antiviral agents for combating the wide range of influenza viruses in the early stage of infection.”

How to use the Strictinin benefit

Fill your thermos bottle and sip warm green tea every 20 minutes or less. According to the study done by University of Shizuoka, Japan, to compare the antiviral effects of green tea with two different temperatures, 4°C (39.2°F) and 37°C (98.6°F), warm tea is more effective than cold tea.

The infographic below shows the best temperature of the water and how to achieve the temperature. The basic idea here is every time you pour the hot water into a fresh clean cup, the temperature goes down by 15 to 20 °F.

water temperature for tea

For example, the best temperature to enjoy Sencha powder-Edible Green is 170-175 °F. To get this temperature, you pour boiling water once in a clean cup and then pour it again to another cup.

If you have a hot water dispenser, which allows you to set temperature and set the temperature at 185 °F, just pour water to a fresh cup. The temperature becomes 170 °F.

water temperature for tea 2

https://www.higashiyodo-med.org/news3.html  (in Japanese)

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