Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


We just received a package from Azure Standard, to whom we supply our tea products. The package felt heavy and we had no idea what it would be. In the package we found a handsome metal plaque, saying “AZURE INDIE PARTNER”, and a beautiful brochure, indie-partner They expressed the reason why they are ‘awarding’ us with this recognition. I was simply touched by what they said, and am grateful for the significance they put on our effort. In the brochure, they started with the phrase “Celebrating a Spirit of Independence.” Sugar-free, all-natural and organic as much as possible, GMO-free… you name it. Even though these are big now, fulfilling these conditions brings challenges with cost, shelf life, logistics, etc. Since they are not as sweet as conventional products, our products may not sell as fast as retail shops would like to see. When we come up with a new product, we face a decision to make: Whether we stay on the current “mass-palate” that mass-production of giant industry has created, or try to create a new, healthy palate. So when I read this statement, “Celebrating a Spirit of Independence,” I felt like I was patted on my back. They went on:

“We recognize that you care enough to source the best ingredients and adhere to strict quality standards.

We’re part of a global grassroots movement aimed at going beyond organic, to support a healthy farming system that doesn’t rely on industrialized practices. This movement is energetic and passionate, transparent and inspiring, and you are the foundation of it all.”

Yes, we are a proud “AZURE INDIE PARTNER.” Our business grows organically thanks to our precious customers who are also devoted advocates for healthy living. Cheers!

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