Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Our blog provides information that will help enhance your well-being, including green tea science and fan facts, green tea recipes, and our event news.

Here is a table of contents of our blog so that you can find an article of your interest more easily. You might also want to visit “For The Thirsty Mind FAQ” to find empowering facts. Enjoy reading over a good cup of tea!

Facts & Benefits

New Products

Who is Samurai Tea Master and why do you want to know about him?

Green Tea and Exercise

Is Green Tea Good to Drink Before and During Exercise?

Do You Really Live Longer if You Exercise?

Green Tea with Whey for Post-exercise Drink  

Green Tea Benefits News

Milk and Green Tea

Is Sencha Powder Cancer-Fighting Tea?

“Each Additional Cup Lowers Mortality Risk by 4%”

Antiviral Role of Green Tea Catechins

Is Green Tea Really THAT Good for You –and Why, Exactly?

Save Your Skin with Matcha Rosehip

Green Tea Effects Over Telomeres and Aging

Can a Pitcher of Iced Green Tea Change Your Life

Green Tea Naps (As in Coffee Naps)

Mindful Wellness and Green Tea

Green Tea and Gut Health

Green Tea and Allergies

Green Tea Tonic

Green Tea and Alzheimer’s Disease

Green Tea and Bone Health

Hojicha for Cold Weather

Tax Filing Deadline-How to Triumph

Drink Green Tea to Control Blood Pressure when You Eat Chocolate

Green Tea Benefits You Would Appreciate During Summer

Relieve Stress with Green Tea

Activate Your Anti-Aging System

Hygge with a Cup of Sei Mee Tea

Does Your Tea Help Prevent Stroke and Heart Disease?

No Imitation. No Extract.  Get the Whole Benefit

How Green Tea Helps You:  The Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

Efficacy of  Green Tea on Fat Loss and Cognitive Health

Tea Facts

Aluminum and Green Tea

What is Matcha Grade?

7 Myths You Should Know About Matcha Before You Purchase

What is Tea?

Can Kids Drink Green Tea?

Is Your Matcha Real?

First Flush Tea, Shincha (Shin-Cha)

Gyokuro vs. Fukamushi Sencha 

“Decaf Matcha” Product Review

We Are Certified Organic


Green Tea Drink Recipes

Delicious Iced Matcha Lemon

BETTER Matcha Latte than anything Starbucks has to offer

Matcha Lemon Blueberry Smoothie

Ginger Lemon Tonic with Matcha

Warmed Spiced Green Tea Latte


Green Tea Cocktails for Summer

What are Matcha Shots?

Shaken Iced Green Tea

How to Make Shrubs for Iced Green Tea

Flavored Simple Syrups for Iced Green Tea

Green Tea Cocktails

Sparkling Green Tea

Healthy Green Tea Recipes

Hojicha Apple Puff Pastry Squares

“Matcha Pad Thai Noodle” made with “Matcha Grilled Chicken”

Hamburger Boosted with Umami and Green Tea Antioxidants

Matcha Ginseng Granola with Goji Berries

Wholesome Acai Scones

Matcha Overnight Oats

Adzuki Truffles with Matcha

Immune Booster Carrot Zucchini Muffins

Hojicha-Matcha Chia Pudding Bar

Hojicha-Matcha Granola Bars

Matcha Chocolate Bites with Hojicha Walnut Crust

Crispy Nettle Leaves

Two Bowls to Try

Grain Bowls

Triple Green Hummus

Gluten Free Matcha Snack Mix

Smokey-Spicy Matcha and Cocoa Almonds

Can Green Tea Help Kids Eat their Veggies?

Ginger Lime Matcha Dressing

Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs with Matcha

Matcha Pistachio Cereal Bites

Overnight Oats

Zucchini Bread with Stealth Nutrients

Matcha Granola Bars

Green Chili and Matcha Chimichurri

Spiced Matcha Candied Walnuts

Coconut Matcha Energy Bites

Antioxidant-Rich Homemade BBQ Marinade

Homemade Wasabi Green Peas

Spicy Matcha Crunchy Chickpeas

Gluten Free Biscotti made with Matcha

Genmaicha Matcha Chocolate

Can Green Tea be Used to Brine Meat?

Matcha Cookies to Celebrate Spring  

Snowmen Cake Pops

Routine / Lifestyle

Adaptogen Advantages

It’s Not in Your Head– Adrenal Fatigue

Mushroom Magic

Truth About Inflammation


Adaptogen Update

How I Anti-Oxidant

Holistic Health using Green Tea

Living with Cancer

How to Flatten the Curve of Blood Sugar Spikes Naturally

Drink this Tea to Tame G.I. Issues by Summer Heat

Ancient Ayurveda:  New Insights for Wellness

Matcha Lemon Love

Top 3 Herbs For Chronic Inflammation

9 Simple Lifestyle Modifications to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Using Nutrition to Combat “CHRONIC” or “UNDERLYING” Inflammation

Do You Have Underlying or “CHRONIC” Inflammation?

Healing Fibromyalgia with Holistic Protocols: A Mind-Body-Soul Approach


DIY Green Tea Deodorant 

Breast Cancer Prevention

Holistic healthcare versus Allopathic healthcare and why we at Sei Mee Tea choose to live holistically…

Let’s Begin Our Holistic Health Journey  

How to Enjoy Green Tea Better

6 Secrets to Better-Tasting Green Tea

How Much Matcha?

What Kind of Tea

Discover New Flavor-How to Plan a Green Tea Tasting Party

New Way to Enjoy Traditional Green Teas Better  

Green Tea With a Twist

How to Make Green Tea

What is the Best Choice for Sweetening Green Tea

Iced Green Tea for Summer  

Wellness Tips and More

How to Make BBQ and Grilling Healthier and More Delicious

How to Move Forward Strongly Despite Uncertainty

New Year Resolutions That Stick & Actually Work

Why Intermittent Fasting is Not Just About Losing Weight

Kitchen Hacks 2

Kitchen Hacks

Healthy Eating. Super Protection.

What is Your True Motivation to Becoming Healthy?

Stress Relief:  What You Can do Right Now

‘WEE’ Time:  Healthy Relationship Facts

‘MEE’ Time

Make Stress Your Friend


Connections and Collaborations

Tea Master Who Makes Shade-Grown Tea in Japan

Useful Japanese Phrases

Interview with Azure Standard: The Largest Organic Food Distributor

High School Students Promoting Green Tea

Being a Part of a Movement

Unsugar, or Unsweeten?

Chocolate Story in Paris

Today’s Japan-One Year after 3.11

Upcoming and Past Events

Japan Tea Tour

Japan Tea Tour with Tea Master, Bruce Richardson Part 2

Japan Tea Tour with Tea Master, Bruce Richardson Part 1

A taste of Japan in Wallowa County ~ Tea: Local business evokes Japanese culture

BRIDGE TO ANOTHER WORLD—SEI MEE TEA JAPAN TOUR with a Tea Historian, Bruce Richardson

Visit Booth #45 at the NW Tea Festival 2018

Japanese Tea Ceremony and Green Tea Pairing

Green Tea Tasting and Tea Ceremony

Green Tea Tasting  

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