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‘Matcha’ Spice

‘Matcha’ Spice

Would you like to reduce the amount of salt in your healthy diet? Try ‘Matcha’ Spice–it’s salt-free, but it brings a pleasant flavor from the foods you add it to, thanks to the ‘umami’ that Matcha or Sencha powder produces in the...
Easy Healthy Date Paste

Easy Healthy Date Paste

Make healthy date paste at home! Dates are high in fiber and polyphenols. As it offers such a satisfactory sweet taste, it works great as a natural ‘substitute’ for highly processed sugar. One drawback of dates is ‘hard’ to mix in because it...

Matcha Coconut Spread

The following recipe is per 1 tablespoon of butter, make as much as desired. Ingredients 1/4 tsp. MATCHA or Edible Green Sencha powder1 tsp. Coconut shreds1 Tbsp. Butter1 French bread Instructions Soften butter. Mix MATCHA or Edible Green Sencha powder and coconut...

Green Tea Vinaigrette

Ingredients ¼ c Grapeseed Oil1 tsp. Edible Green® green tea powder or MATCHA1 Lime Instructions Mix Grapeseed Oil, Edible Green® green tea powder or Matcha, and juice from 1 lime in a small bottle.Put a cover on the bottle and shake well.Tastes great with no...