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My chocolate story in Paris consisted of a chocolate tour guided by a chocolate connoisseur, a visit to the Chocolate Museum, and an indulgence of masterpieces of Belgian Chocolate ‘composed by’ Pierre Marcolini.

Chocolate Tour

The chocolate tour happened on the first day of our stay in Paris and it made a great introduction to bubbly, sparkly, beautiful Paris. Our lovely guide, Chloe, gave us a one hour lecture at our flat before we actually started our excursion, so we would be able to taste chocolate in a different way than we did before. Chloe took us to 6 phenomenal chocolate makers in Paris. Each one of them was full of originality. Thanks to the “behind” stories Chloe provided, we were able to appreciate the integrity of each store as well as the taste of the chocolate. Not to mention the quality of the chocolate, they were great examples of successful brand marketing–interior of the store, staff uniform, packaging, store history, and personality of the founder, the master chocolatier. If you are interested in this chocolate tour, you can make an inquiry at Chloe Chocolat Paris “Contact”. The website is in French, but Chloe is fluent in English–she teaches American students both in Paris and in the U.S. all the time.

Pierre Marcolini–Belgian Chocolate Master

During our stay, we had a great lunch with a friend of my husband and his wife from Belgium. A shocking fact–only a three and half hour drive takes them from where they live to Paris! (From our home to Portland, the nearest worldly notable city, takes five hours.) We had great food and a great conversation. I totally enjoyed the company of this lovely couple. The lunch was elegant and scrumptious. They also surprised us with such a gorgeous gift–a full selection of Pierre Marcolini chocolates. “Life is like a box of chocolate” is a famous quote from “Forrest Gump” but Pierre Marcolini’s chocolate box is no ordinary life–it’s full of excellence and professionalism–and abundance (two levels with 33 different flavored chocolate bonbons on each tray). We spent literally hours tasting one by one. We took time to savor each piece, sharing thoughts on each and every one of the unique, beautiful harmonies in flavor.

The Chocolate Museum

On the last day in Paris, we visited the Chocolate Museum. This museum does a great job of presenting the history of chocolate and explaining what “chocolate” is. The beautiful exhibition exceeded our expectation and everybody had a great time. If you are in Paris and love chocolate, you should include this museum in your itinerary.

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