Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


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Minam River Lodge Classic Matcha Lemonade

Minam River Lodge is a popular destination—every year, it gets fully booked for the whole summer prior to the beginning of the season, despite the “inconvenient” location. You’ll need to fly in by a chartered airplane or hike up 8.5 miles on foot or horseback. The reason they are so popular is not just the location—everything they offer is extraordinary. They proudly offer our teas to their guests who have high-expectation.

One of their most popular drinks is Matcha Lemonade. Thanks to the generosity of the manager, Margaret, we can share their recipe with you. For information about Minam River Lodge, visit https://www.minam-lodge.com/.

Minam River Lodge Classic Matcha Lemonade


  • 1/4 tsp. Edible Green powder, regular or decaf, or 1/2 tsp. Matcha (They use our Organic Matcha Single Serving Sticks)
  • 2 Tbsp. Hot water,
  • 2 oz Lemon juice, freshly squeezed, or 1 oz Lime juice
  • 1 – 1.5 oz simple syrup, or sweetener of choice,
  • 6 oz Water

1) Combine one serving of Matcha or Edible Green with 2 tablespoons hot water and froth with a matcha whisk or electric frother. Set aside momentarily.

2) In a glass or shaker full of ice, combine 2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice, usually the juice of one lemon (or 1 oz lime), 1 – 1.5 oz simple syrup (or sweetener of choice), and 6 oz water. Shake or stir well.

3) Top with the frothed Edible Green or Matcha. Enjoy!

Try mixing the sweetener and citrus first, then topping it off with club soda and the green tea to add some bubbles and extra refreshment.

Grand Slammer Duo Mocktail

If you believe your diet makes the difference in healing, you would like to drink this. Dr. William Li explains how individual vegetables and food benefit our bodies. Both Kiwi and Green Tea are “Grand Slammers” in terms of self-defense power, hitting all 5 areas:

  • Boosting Immunity
  • Protecting DNA
  • Regenerating healthy cells
  • Angio-genesis (and also starving cancer cells)
  • Growing healthy microbiome
Kiwi Matcha Mocktail


1) Process the above ingredients until smooth.

2) Then add 5 cubes of ice and process until smooth.

3) Pour it into a pretty glass and enjoy.

Match Made in Heaven Mocktail

Dark chocolate and orange taste great together. If you agree, you’ll love this simple drink. Healthy chocolate drink alternative made without simple sugar and caffeine. If you are allergic to chocolate like Chef AJ, or simply you’d like to enjoy a delicious drink without guilt or regret, try this drink.

No Caffeine No Sugar Chocolaty Mocktail


1) Process the first four ingredients until smooth.

2) Fill a glass with ice cubes. Pour the mixture carefully over the ice cubes.

3) Add 1/8 tsp. grated orange zest and a slice of Orange as a garnish.

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