Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004



Noon to 2 pm, Sunday, June 24, 2018 @ Josephy Center, Joseph Oregon Fee: Donation for Josephy Center Savor the taste and the moment of the “calm-infused tea culture” with brilliant live piano performance by Seth Kinzie. Drop by between 12 and 2 pm. You are welcome to stay and enjoy as long as you wish. You will watch, experience, taste, and learn Japanese tea culture from various perspectives.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Making a bowl of matcha could be a great way to have a quiet moment each day. In addition to the physical benefits from matcha’s antioxidants, you will get psychological benefits from setting the time aside to create a ‘serene moment’ each day. The heart of Japanese tea ceremony is “simplicity.” Simply savor and appreciate the uniqeuness of this exact moment. Watch a tea ceremony demonstration and learn how to make a bowl of matcha.

Green Tea Pairing with Food

Discover various types of Japanese green teas, traditional and modern. Green tea is an important part of Japanese culture, and there are many varieties of green teas. We will bring “freshly harvested tea,” called “Shin-Cha,” which means literally “New Tea.” You will experience the best green teas in the best way–you will see them, feel them, smell them, and taste them. You will discover the symphony of flavors that green tea and food can create. Come curious and get fascinated by this cultural & culinary adventure.


Tea ceremony demonstration, and tea pairing will be presented by SEI MEE TEA. Since 2004, SEI MEE TEA has been touting green tea health benefits. We offer pure, soothing, powerful teas to enhance our customers’ well-being. We are excited to host this fun and educational fundraising event for Josephy Center and our community.

kiyomiKiyomi Koike

Kiyomi will demonstrate the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Kiyomi is a Japanese native and U.S. citizen, who has enjoyed living in Wallowa County, Oregon, for 20 years. Kiyomi’s passion to discover and spread the facts about green tea started when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. (Read “our story.”)  She believes green tea is one of the easiest additions anybody can make to live healthier, and that green tea brings a great hope to you, as it did to her, her husband, and their children. With her strong desire to offer the purest green teas to her customers, she named her business “SEI MEE TEA,” which means “pure beauty tea.” Kiyomi is passionate and compassionate. SEI MEE TEA customers appreciate quality products as well as her excellent customer service. She believes when people find joy and excitement in using quality green tea, it works even better for you. Kiyomi carefully picks each product, formulates, and designs the packages. She loves to introduce fun, tasty ways to enjoy green teas to American folks. In the near future, she hopes to see green tea in every American pantry.


Seth Kinzie

Seth KinzieSeth Kinzie is a piano composer from Joseph, OR. Inspired by the surreal impressions of Claude Debussy and the wild, jazzish voicings of modern post-rock, Seth has developed his own style of instrumental tone poems that he calls “euphoric nature music.” Seth’s work expresses a wild benevolence for the creative forces of life, sailing freely through genres and virtuosic expressions to communicate the breadth of his themes. He is currently collaborating on piano & drum music with regional percussionist, Andy Steele.  Their high-energy performances involve a medley of contemporary, impressionist compositions & instrumental arrangements of rock and romantic music, performed acoustically on piano, drums, and gongs. Tea products and music CDs will be available for purchase on site.

discover Japanese green tea

Discover Japanese Green Tea

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