Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Every time I hear the word ‘antioxidant,’ I think of my friend’s daughter. At just three years old, she was already an eager baker, just like her mom. Once, I came into the kitchen to find her standing on a footstool, patting out a circle of beautiful scones. She turned and said to me, with big, serious brown eyes, ‘they have walnuts, because walnuts have anti-oxidants.’ So darling, and the scones were delicious! I wasn’t very concerned about eating right at the time (ah, youth!) but I was impressed with her vocabulary, as well as her pastry chef skills.

These days, I know a lot more about those walnuts, and why it’s important to include lots of antioxidants in my diet. From scavenging free radicals and protecting cells from damage, to reducing inflammation in the body, antioxidants are a powerful ally. I drink a ‘Matcha Shot’ each morning and snack on almonds or walnuts, in the afternoon – these sweet and crispy walnuts are better for you than a scone! I add ground flax seed to baked goods and granola, and sprinkle ground green tea on yoghurt, eggs, and rice.

I was excited to try the new Sei Mee Tea Anti-Inflammatory Adaptogen blend. I’ve heard that turmeric is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, but I haven’t tried adding it to my diet other than as a culinary spice. Most of the other ingredients were new to me, so I was curious how the blend would taste, and if I would notice any changes in how I feel.

First, I tried mixing ½ tsp of the powder in room temperature water, and sipped it. The earthy, spicy warmth of turmeric can be a bit strong, especially first thing in the morning – I think it would taste delicious stirred into warm chai with nut or coconut milk. But so far, I’m more inclined to treat it like a health supplement instead of a beverage. I whisk together ½ tsp of Edible Green Sencha, ½ tsp of the Anti-Inflammatory Adaptogen blend, and about 3 oz of water. After I drink the mix, I fill my cup with more water, swirl, and drink to get the last bits out of the cup. The aftertaste of my morning shot is pleasant, if slightly medicinal, and reminds me that I already did something wonderful for my body today.

It’s only been four days, so I can’t say for sure that anything is noticeably different. Adaptogens are meant to be supportive to your body and assist in maintaining homeostasis, or a state of balance, so I didn’t expect a startling ‘effect.’ So far, I would say that my ever-present dry skin eczema seems to have calmed a bit. Mostly, I feel good about giving my body another healthy boost every day.

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