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Beautiful piano music + pure tea paired with good food + Japanese Tea Ceremony = our fundraiser event held for a local arts and cultural center. Seth Kinzie, a talented pianist, fully donated his time to this well attended event. His music magically filled the space with serene calmness. We were totally blessed with his live performance during the entire time. We enjoyed the clear sound of his piano, 9 different iced green teas, each paired with food, and multiple tea ceremonies for two hours. The event was well attended and successful, despite the fact it was the first Sunday with gorgeous weather in our area. We appreciate all the people who took the trouble to participate in this new experiment and who donated generously to the Josephy Center. We prepared 18 gallons of 9 different iced teas for this 2 hour event. SEI MEE TEA is one of the pioneers who brought green tea powder to the American market–touting its benefits. 14 years have passed, and it seems everybody has jumped on the band wagon of the “matcha boom.” We would like to raise our hand to draw attention: “Matcha is only a small part of what our green tea world offers.” We appreciate our friends who are curious and truly interested in learning about different cultures. Green Tea is an important part of Japanese culture, and the Tea Ceremony is surely something we should keep as a cultural heritage. Through the Tea Ceremony, we extol these virtues: – Admiration for the beauty of simplicity, – Appreciation of the uniqueness of the exact moment, and – Respect toward everything surrounding you including the people sitting next to you and the tea bowl in your palm. We appreciated the opportunity to share this beautiful ceremony! As a proud maker and supplier of quality green tea and matcha products, we would like to lead American green tea culture to the next level. We encourage American folks to learn how good “real” green teas can be, not only for our physical and mental health but also for its pleasing taste. That’s right–we would like to offer Green Teas to enjoy the true flavor of green tea itself, not covered by sweetener or spices. And we would like you to do it in an enjoyable way–paired with foods. We love food. Food is fun. Flavors are like color paints squeezed out on a color palette and you can mix any of them to create a new experience. We would like you to play with them and have fun with the discoveries. We heard that favorite pairing at the event was iced “Kukicha Lavender” tea and cheesecake. The same tea tastes totally different when it’s made cold or hot, or when it’s paired with different foods. Try a warm cup of “Hojicha Red Rose” tea with “Lemon Cake with Raspberry Frosting” for an experience of decadant afternoon tea time. You might enjoy a cold cup of the same rose tea with an elegant steak dinner. Let yourself be fascinated and delighted with your discoveries–remembering that antioxidants coming from quality organic green teas are working even more powerfully as you enjoy. Here are some pictures from the day. Enjoy them while listening to Seth’s piano. To listen, click the triangle button below. (If you click the title of the song, Seth’s website will open in a new tab.) Enjoy! Click here to Return to Blog Articles Meet the Author:  Kiyomi
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