Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


September is a prostate cancer awareness month. We hope this article gives encouragement to the folks who are fighting against prostate cancer.

In the last issue, we featured German research conducted on our Sencha powder. I’m grateful many of you have taken the time to share your thoughts! One of them particularly moved me and it felt like a profound prayer that resonates within us, who have been through or are in the middle of health challenges. I truly appreciate his approval to share this powerful story.

“Great article Kiyomi.  I have questioned for a  long time the value of antioxidants on cancer cells since it has become my suspicion as an amateur Biologist that cancer thrives in an anaerobic environment.  This article supports my assumption along with the value of GGT (ground green tea) in cell apoptosis. I have been living with Stage 4 prostate cancer for 16 years. Originally I was signed up with Hospice, my numbers and prognosis were so bad. I mix GGT into a cup of coffee every morning, (nothing else).  This year my numbers have dropped into the normal range, from the 900+ to under 3. My Dr. seemed quite bemused by my more recent drop into the normal range. He asked me what I had been doing. I told him “Not sure you would understand.”

“Two heaping 1 cc scoops* now. (*Kiyomi’s note: 1cc scoop is 1/4 tsp. size.) I also faithfully walk over 3 miles outside a day and another 3 just around indoors. It is difficult walking/hobbling, as I have severe painful neuropathy from the waist down from a spinal cord injury.”

“I have been drinking your ground green tea for MANY years now. Thanks for making it available and for your newsletters.”

“Being a scientist at heart, I have to say my story is only “anecdotal”. I have NO proof that GGT is what has made the difference. All I know is for me, it is the one thing I have been doing consistently, along with the exercise, that I’ve been doing for a long time.”

“When a person gets the big C diagnosis, they get hit with so many “Natural cures”, it is difficult to sort through the haze of information. Only the last while have I increased my “dosage” to about 4cc’s in the morning, but my final drop in numbers corresponded with that increase, all else being status quo with other treatments; ie, radiation, immunotherapy, etc, over 1-5 years in the past, and only one medication I still take which wasn’t having any effect on the numbers. I only keep taking it for fear of not being able to get funding for such a very expensive medication should I need to go back on it. I have been taking it for over 2 years, and the whole time my numbers stayed in the double digits, so you see, I have no “proof” it is doing any good.”

“Other lifestyle changes for recovering, if one ever does, from PTSD; the Stress, which I feel triggered the Cancer to start with, included living a VERY peaceful lifestyle with just me and my Shar Pei rescues.”

“…all I have done is restore balance to my life, AND PEACE. My diet is imperfect, I’m still overweight (by textbook standards), but every morning I awaken with a “GRATEFUL HEART”, and when I bed down at night with my pups, I GIVE THANKS, not to any GOD, but just deep appreciation for having been able to live another day on such a beautiful planet. This profound appreciation also sends “LIFE-GIVING ENERGY THROUGH MY ENTIRE BODY”  I CAN FEEL IT’S HEALING POWER!!!  It is not just a simple little “prayer” rambled off at night it is a profound meditation form of gratitude.”

Referring to himself as “The Shar Pei Man,” here are his loving companions:

living with cancer

May you enjoy your SEI MEE Tea with a peaceful, grateful heart each day.

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