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A warm cup of tea, especially made with quality, organic, and pure loose leaf tea makes a quality time and a quality gift. Tea leaf packed in a resealable pouch is often more affordable than the tea packed in a box or tin. The affordability makes a great gift choice when you are gifting many people at one time. For example, one of the consistently popular teas, organic hojicha loose leaf tea, costs half or less than a coffee cup. The roasted aroma is perfect to cozy up during the long cold night. If the “odd” shape of the pouch causes you frustration in making an attractively wrapped gift, you might like this simple but pretty way to give the gift of quality tea time.

“Wrapping neatly and attractively” is regarded as a way to show respect and gratefulness in Japanese culture. The wrapped pouch shown above uses two sheets of tissue paper and a piece of ribbon. And it is very simple to make–certainly, you do not need “Origami” skills. Here are the easy step-by-step instructions:

The way folded adds a “Japanese” look, which matches the authenticity of the tea. You could insert a card under the bow if you wish, as shown in the photo.

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