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Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Make Stress Your Friend & Have the Best Holiday Season Ever

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but if you are feeling stressed with “holiday craze,” you are not alone. One of the main causes of the stress is “interrupted routines,” that includes “wrecking healthy eating and exercise routines.”

Jack Dorsey, Square CEO and Twitter co-founder, says “rituals” and “consistency” in your schedule minimize the “unexpected,” which tend to bring “stress.” However, the “holiday season” is all about “special,” and naturally it doesn’t go along with ‘routines.’

So we need to learn to control stress, rather than letting stress control you.

Controlling skill 1: “Make stress your friend”
Stress is not necessarily harmful. Watch Kelly McGonigal’s presentation, if you haven’t. (If you have, watch it again anyway–it’ll be a great reminder.) Her discovery is an eye opener, and by changing your beliefs about stress, you are back in control. Click here to watch her speech.

Controlling skill 2: “Gain deep feelings of well-being”
Exercise releases “Endorphins” that cause deep feelings of well-being.

Controlling skill 3: “Have a 10 minute still time with a cup of tea”
A life coach who focuses on stress management, Bill Sheinmann, says “When we sit still and be aware of our breathing for even 10 minutes, and can hang out with what worries us without needing to change things, we start to relax and not take things so personally.”

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