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Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004



Matcha boom has opened up a new tea world to Americans

Green Tea is very popular now.  All sorts of “green tea” can be found on store shelves or in store coolers, labeled as “healthy” drinks.  Bottled, canned, sweetened, unsweetened—but the fact is “the green tea freshly made using fresh, real green tea leaves or powder is the tastiest and healthiest”.  And when you use SEI MEE TEA’s Edible Green® Sencha powder or MATCHA without sweetener, you’ve got the “Real Deal”!  Sencha is traditionally enjoyed as steeped tea; however,  Edible Green® is Sencha ground into a fine powder to enjoy its whole goodness. It’s a new way to enjoy traditional green tea better. ground green tea Matcha is quick and easy to make a cup, unless you make the traditional Japanese tea ceremony out of it.  Just mix Matcha powder in water, hot or cold—Matcha is a nutritious “fast” yet “whole” food.  And it comes with a long list of health benefits.  Matcha deserves the popularity it enjoys worldwide.   Probably you know Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea. Other countries try to make “Matcha”. However, not all “Matchas” are equal in quality.  It is reassuring Japanese matcha receives recognition as authentic and enjoys a great reputation.  Being a star of Japanese green tea, Matcha has contributed an increased awareness of a variety of Japanese green teas.

Can you pronounce “Genmaicha”?

Genmaicha” is one of the traditional Japanese green teas.  If you know how to pronounce “Genmaicha”, you must be one of the Japanese tea fanatics.   “Genmaicha” is pronounced “g-en-my-cha”; “G” as in “good” and “en” as in “entry”.  As “good entry” suggests, this tea makes a great beginner tea for those who are not used to green tea. genmaicha “Genmai” is brown rice and “cha” means green tea in Japanese.  Brown rice kernels are toasted and some burst open like popcorn.  Blended with sencha green tea leaves, Genmaicha offers appetizing, toasted aroma and much less vegetal, grassy green tea aroma.   Genmaicha has an interesting history.  Originally, toasted brown rice was added to “stretch” green tea by farmers who couldn’t afford more expensive green tea.  Now Genmaicha is a popular tea to be served with meals and snacks.

“Hojicha”:  Green tea that is brown

When green tea leaves are roasted, they turn brown and make amber-colored tea. “Green tea” is a generic term of “non-fermented tea made with Camellia Sinensis”.  The roasted green tea is called “Hojicha” in Japanese.  Despite its color,  Hojicha is green tea, another traditional Japanese green tea prepared like coffee (in the sense of being roasted). hojicha The aroma of Hojicha reminds you of coffee or chocolate and it is very relaxing.  The roasting process produces a compound called Pyrazine, which induces alpha waves in the brain and makes you feel more centered, “chilled”, confident and relaxed.   The number of internet searches asking about “Genmaicha” and “Hojicha” has been increasing dramatically during the past few years.  Both teas offer pleasing aroma and taste to the Western palate.  These distinctive flavors are something you love, if you like the feeling of “alpha state”, or “zen zone”.

The best Genmaicha and the best Hojicha

GenmaiCha2 and HojiChaare created by SEI MEE TEA with “green tea for the American palate” in mind.  We named these unique teas “squared” because they are loose leaf tea coated with powder made from its own leaves.  The aroma, flavor, and benefits to your health are geometrically increased by coating the tea leaf with powder made from these leaves. GenmaiCha2 and HojiCha are our original creations, inspired by another typical Japanese green tea: “Genmaicha with Matcha”, a Genmaicha and Matcha blend—Matcha is added to Genmaicha so it enhances the depth of flavor. GenmaiCha2 and HojiChasteep faster, and offer a unique, pleasing taste to your palate; crispness that loose leaf tea offers, and heartiness (and the whole nutrition of tea leaf) that powdered tea offers. In other words, they offer the best of both types of tea. “Squared” makes the best Genmaicha and the best Hojicha–crisp yet hearty, clean yet full-bodied.  Experience “squared” for doubled flavor, aroma, and health benefits.  A new way to enjoy the best even better: try GenmaiCha2 and HojiCha2 for yourself. genmaicha squared and hojicha squared tea How to make a cup: Steep one heaping teaspoonful tea leaves in 8 oz of hot water (180-190F). Ready to enjoy in 1 min.  Can steep longer depending on the strength you like. Find product detail of this product

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Meet the Author:  Kiyomi

Caffeine content:  Genmaicha and Hojicha are relatively low in Caffeine compared to other green tea: Matcha, Gyokuro, and Sencha.  However, Caffeine amount varies depending on how much you use and how long you steep to make a cup.  Read more about caffeine

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