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Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


New Year resolutions that stick & actually work

Each year, we try. We start each year with great motivation and fully positive intentions. But somehow most of the resolutions don’t stick for most of us. Why don’t we make this first year of the new decade special by making resolutions that actually stick and work?


Are you ready to plunge into the first year of the new decade? Here are some ideas of new resolutions—some of them sound small but these new habits could become life-changing. I hope some may “speak” to you.

Small change, big impact

♦ Make bed right after you get up every morning–you will start your day with positivity.

♦ Bring “nature” into your life.
Suggested reading:  “The Japanese Art and Science of Shinrin-Yoku: Forest Bathing–How trees can help you find health and happiness” by Dr. Qing Li, Chairman of the Japanese Society for Forest Medicine

Even houseplants will be beneficial.

Science-based benefits of bringing “nature (plant)” into your room*1

    • Reduce stress
    • Increase productivity
    • Reduce sickness
    • Make workspace more attractive
    • Clean the air
    • Reduce noise levels
    • Boost creativity

Which plants help you to sleep better?
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Bring plants into your room

Exercise Related

♦ Spend nine minutes to wake up your body and build muscles.

How to build muscle in 9 minutes
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♦ Workout to feel good, not to see a smaller number on the scale and tape measure.

Feel great by moving body

Mindset Support

♦ Avoid people who gossip and complain a lot.

♦ Remove negativity from your thoughts by doing something positive.

The neuroscience behind why mindset coaching is not enough. (Why action matters when it comes to transformation)”
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♦ Go to bed happy each night.

For your positive mindset

New habits to gain new heights

♦ Learn to breathe deeply and meditate.

Science-based benefits of meditation*2

    • Reduces stress
    • Controls anxiety
    • Promotes emotional health
    • Helps to make positive changes
    • Builds ability to redirect and maintain attention
    • Increases mental clarity and memory
    • Increases positivity, empathy, and compassion
    • Develops mental discipline
    • Improves sleep
    • Diminishes the perception of pain in the brain
    • Decreases blood pressure

Free Guided Meditations by UCLA
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♦ Keep a pen and a notebook handy at all times, so that you can write down one thing you are grateful for and one accomplishment/progress you made each day.

Science-based benefits of journaling*3

    • Manages anxiety
    • Reduces stress
    • Copes with depression
    • Improves mood
    • Helps prioritize problems, fears, and concerns
    • Tracks and recognizes triggers or symptoms
    • Identifies negative thoughts and behaviors
    • Promotes positive self-talk

♦ Free yourself from the “Multi-tasking” myths–Do one thing at a time.

Science-based side effects of multitasking*4

    • Frequent media multitasking could reduce the brains’ grey matter (the areas related to cognitive control and regulation of motivation and emotion)
    • Weakens working memory and long-term memory
    • Weakens ability to focus
    • Induces accidents
    • Reduces relationship satisfaction
    • Increases chronic stress, depression, and social anxiety
    • Reduces productivity

Gain clarity with meditation


♦ Cook more.

♦ Eat a plant-based meal a day.

♦ Drink organic, clean, pure, and highest quality green tea and adaptogen teas each day.

Cooking more

The strategy for success

♦ Write down your goals and share them with your family or friends as you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and share them with your family or friends.*5

Write down your resolutions

Our resolutions

“We’re using it medicinally not just for the pleasure of drinking green tea”—that’s what a Naturopathic doctor said when she placed her usual order of Edible Green® Sencha powder. “Tea just for fun” vs. “serious tea”–that is what we are aiming for.

Tea consumption is increasing in the US—on the other hand, soft drink consumption continually decreased for the past 13 years. It is great news. However, when we look around the tea market, most of the tea is still not organic.

We are proud of you because you chose SEI MEE TEA and are aware that a myriad of tea options out there may not be as “healthy” as expected—It may contain unhealthy substances, like chemical additives, an unhealthy amount of sugar, pesticide/herbicide residues, and/or lead.

We believe in the power of clean, quality tea, and that’s what we always offer. It is important to us because this is the reason why we started our business in the first place.

By the same token, we believe “a serious marathon runner can be getting a pleasure from running.” We make a careful selection so that our tea brings a pleasant and elevated tea experience as well.

Here are a few of our new promises to you for this coming year:
1. We will be offering “online workshops” from which you can learn about common health problems and teas at home. The newest workshop will start in the next month. Stay tuned!

Workshop is coming

2. We will contribute more to the Naturopathic way of healing. We will participate in their conferences and share our expertise in green tea, and contribute to residency programs to support student Naturopathic doctors.

Happy New Year and let yourself blossom in 2020!


*1 “7 benefits of having plants in your office” by Barry Chignell for CIPHR

*2 “12 Science-based benefits of meditation” by Matthew Thorpe, MD, Ph.D. for Nutrition

*3 “Journaling for Mental Health” University of Rochester Medical Center

*4 “10 Real risks of multitasking, to mind and body” by Guy Winch Ph.D. for Psychology Today

*5 “Study focuses on strategies for achieving goals, resolutions” Gail Matthews Ph. D., Dominican University of California

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