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SEI MEE TEA Customer Reviews

SEI MEE TEA Customer Reviews

We celebrated our 17th anniversary with a survey. The responses were filled with love from our amazing customers. Each response brought warm encouragements and praises, expressed in its very unique way. I shared them with my team and my daughter, Kana when she came...

How to Take Care of Clay Teaware

How to Take Care of Clay Teaware

I was raised in a city that is famous for its Japanese pottery, Seto ware. Seasonal "Seto ware festivals" were held twice a year and I was surrounded by pottery and porcelain at home. Thanks to my parents' appreciation for Seto ware, I also developed a love for...

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Green Tea Glossary

Tea Glossary


Collaborative Presentations 2021


video interview by GBO

Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians Annual Convention 2020

“Fishtrap Big Read” Tea Ceremony at Josephy Center 2020

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Annual Convention 2019

Matcha Master Workshop in NY 2019

Tea Festival in Seattle 2019

Te Ceremony Presentation at Montessori School 2019

Japan Tea Tasting Tour 2019

Tea Tasting Fundraiser for Josephy Center 2018