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Before this spring throughout the past fall and winter, our beloved “Samurai Tea Master” Mr. Sakamoto and his family were busy with preparing for the healthiest tea garden to produce superior Gyokuro and Matcha with a richer flavor and a rounder aftertaste.

Tea Master, Mr. Sakamoto, made a video to show us how he and his family spent this fall and winter to make the most delicious tea without using chemical fertilizers.

We made a translated version of this video with the generous approval from Sakamoto Tea Farm:

Mr. Sakamoto has been busy preparing a new tea for us. Tea Master Sakamoto and his family transplanted “young tea trees” into an organically prepared tea field during winter. Each plant was carefully removed using the method, which Mr. Sakamoto shared in the video.

transplanting Haruto cultivar tea 1
transplanting Haruto cultivar tea 2
transplanting Haruto cultivar tea 3

Spring has Sprung in the Tea Garden

Now young buds are coming out with the bright and warm sun of spring.

Spring in Katoshima Tea Garden
spring in Sakamoto Tea Garden in Kagoshima, Japan
spring in Sakamoto Tea Garden in Kagoshima, Japan

Sakamoto family is now getting ready for harvesting in two months, while testing new leaves.

Haruto and Sae Midori

This is the test for the potency of the tea. They all look the same, but this test reveals the difference in potency.

Haruto and Sae Midori

Left: Haruto (new cultivar) grown in Sakamoto Tea Garden

Center: Saemidori grown in Sakamoto Tea Garden

Right” Saemidori grown in other tea garden

Now take a look at how the color of each tea changes after a while.

potency test

The color of tea from another tea garden (right) became dark brown, which shows the oxidation. Abundant antioxidants in the tea on the left and center are preventing color change or oxidation of the tea. The stronger antioxidants in the plant are, the longer the color of tea remains. It’s obvious which tea is healthier for you.

Japan Ministry award to Sakamoto Tea Farm

January 29, 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan awarded Sakamoto Tea Farm for its excellent management of the organic agriculture system. Shop Sakamoto Tea right here and taste the excellency of Sakamoto tea.

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