Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Recently, I received a product inquiry from a good customer of ours, who has been experiencing lots of abdomen discomfort, a huge amount of bloating and gas, after the colorectal surgery he went through four years ago.

His doctors think it may be a small bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines. The condition sounded similar to SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and IBS (Irritable bowels syndrome). They tried to treat it with antibiotics—it worked at the beginning for a couple of months but stopped working. He also tried several probiotics.

Around the same time, I also received a message from another long time customer of ours. She said she gets tremendous relief for her IBS and Fibromyalgia pain from drinking our Roasted Brown Rice Powder.

Her kind words were inspiring and moving—at the same time, her sincere words made me think of the struggles she had to suffer. With her permission, I’d like to share her story with you:

”I just wanted to say hi and to thank for your notes you leave in the order. IF brightens my day when I get them. Thank you so much for this coffee (Roasted Brown Rice Powder).

It has helped in so many ways. I drank it every day and some days 2. The coffee helps with my colon problems, and IBS. Plus, I have bad fibro and it helps with my pain.

It has been huge blessings in my life. Also helps to keep calm and relaxed. Your notes bring a smile to my face each time I open my box. You are my angel with your coffee. It has helped me a lot and I am truly honored and blessed to have you in my existence. My existence is so much better now with it. You have been a blessing to me.

Thank you so much again, with my love and blessings to you and yours.” Brandi, FL

Roasted Brown Rice Powder traditionally used for digestive health in Japan. Recently, Tottori University in Japan studied this product to see if & how Roasted Brown Rice Powder helps digestive health. Please read on to learn how Roasted Brown Rice Powder helps you.

1. Removes Bile Acids

Brown Rice is high in Dietary Fiber. The following diagram shows how Dietary Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood and colon cancer risk by absorbing and removing Bile Acids from the system.

Absorb Primary Bile Acid & Help Reduce Cholesterol

Bile Acid is generated in the liver using cholesterol. Bile Acid moves into the small intestine and this is called Primary Bile Acid. Dietary Fiber helps to remove Primary Bile Acid from the system by binding up with Primary Bile Acid—thus, it helps to reduce cholesterol. If there is not enough Dietary Fiber, Bile Acid remains as is and is “recycled’ in the liver, which does not need to use cholesterol.

Help Prevent Colon Cancer

Primary Bile Acid reaches to the large intestine and is oxidized by microorganisms in the large intestine and becomes Secondary Bile Acid, which has been associated with colon cancer.

Researchers at Tottori University studied Roasted Brown Rice Powder

The results showed “The roasted brown rice powder” has the ability to adsorb Bile Acids, both primary and secondary. That ability was the same potency as the drug, Cholestyramine, used to lower cholesterol in the blood.

These results suggest that Roasted Brown Rice Powder is as effective as the drug Cholestyramine for cholesterol reduction and colon cancer prevention.

Cellulose was used in the research as a comparison, as it is widely used in various food products, from cheese to BBQ sauce, to help add texture and fiber to foods.*

2. More Water-Soluble Dietary Fiber

The amount of Dietary Fiber in raw brown rice is 3%, out of which, 23% is water-soluble and 77% is water-insoluble. The research showed that the amount of dietary fiber increases in proportion to the roasting time.

Most of the dietary fiber of brown rice ‘coffee’ of other companies in Japan ranges from 4 to 7 g per 100g powder. Our Roasted Brown Rice Powder offers 16.0g per 100g, which is 2.5 to 4 times more than competitors. This difference is due to the difference of roasting time.

Another notable fact is that the long roasting process increases the amount of water-soluble Dietary Fiber, healthier of the two fibers.

What are the characteristics of water-soluble Dietary Fiber? How does it help you feel better?

1) “Viscosity”

The stickiness moves slowly in the gastrointestinal tract, helping to suppress hunger and preventing overeating.

It slows down the absorption of sugar, easing the rapid rise in after-meal blood glucose level.

2) “Adsorption”

It adsorbs bile acids and cholesterol and excretes them outside the system.

3) “Fermentability”

In the large intestine, water-soluble Dietary Fiber is fermented and decomposed, which feeds bifidobacterial (good bacterial) to help improve intestinal health.

3. Monitoring Carcinogens & Arsenic

Roasting “meat or animal protein” is associated with carcinogens. We test Roasted Brown Rice for the carcinogen, Benzopyrene, and the result shows undetected.

The only ingredient of this product is organically grown rice. No pesticide residues were found in our Roasted Brown Rice. Packed with NO preservatives and NO additives.

Arsenic and lead are known as a toxic heavy metal commonly found in the crop grown in a toxic land. The arsenic detection level of the test we use meets the FDA’s standard for rice cereals for infants. The test result shows neither arsenic nor lead was detected in our Roasted Brown Rice.

4. Ease of Use by “Granulation”

Once roasted, the Roasted Brown Rice is ground into a fine powder. By itself, the powder is so fine and light. When it’s mixed with hot water, the particles tend to float on the surface of the water and do not mix in hot water.

So the powder goes through a process called “Granulation.” This process only uses pure water and combines the particles into granules, and increases the “solubility” of the powder into hot water. This is another reason you would like to choose SEI MEE TEA’s Roasted Brown Rice Powder.

5. Delicious & Aromatic

Our artisan roaster has been roasting brown rice for 29 years. Every day he checks the taste, flavor, aroma, and color to see if he can make more delicious and healthy Roasted Brown Rice Powder without solely relying on the computerized roasting system.

The roasting requires patience and passion to make the best product along with skills and experience. The deliciousness and attractive rich aroma are the outcomes of the careful, constant adjustments applied throughout the long roasting hours.

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