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Are you feeling stressed out? Worried, anxious or preoccupied with all the news of doom and gloom? I know I often am. Don’t you wish you had a way to ease your stress right now on the spot?

There is a way; it is “breathing properly.” Wait, don’t say, “I’m always breathing!” Actually, most people are not breathing “easy” these days. All the negative talk over the economy, politics, world issues, etc., etc. They can make us short of breath!

Believe it or not, Breathing Properly can help you achieve:

Improved Digestion. Improved Circulation. Decreased Stress, anxiety, depression.

It Also…

Increases Energy Level. Increases Metabolism. Helps Regulate Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and the Nervous System

You will see these results because deep breathing brings more oxygen to the blood and transports carbon dioxide waste from the blood more thoroughly. This helps the heart pump richly-oxygenated blood throughout the entire body. This, in turn, nourishes all cells and helps remove their waste products more efficiently.

The breathing most of us do ‘unconsciously’ is shallow. Our lungs don’t fully expand when we inhale and exhale. Also, we tend to breathe upward instead of outward. This moves tension upward into our shoulders, which are oftentimes already tight from everyday stress. Anyone hunched over at their computers reading this?! If so, take a moment and practice mindful breathing by following these steps:

How to Breathe Deeply & Properly

*Place your hand on your stomach. Inhale deeply from your nose while pushing your belly outward. Feel your breath as it expands. Don’t let your shoulders scrunch upwards.

*Let your lungs fully expand outward. Imagine oxygen reaching the very bottom of your lungs.

*Exhale completely from your mouth, pressing your belly inward. Imagine pressing all the air out of the bottom of your lungs. How do you feel? Do you feel the tension of the muscles melt as you exhale? What else? Enjoy how you feel now: “Ahhhhh….!”

“Breathing deeply” is a great technique for distressing and relaxation. Practice this for just two or three minutes each day. You will immediately notice improved circulation, a slowing of your heart rate and a general sense of calmness.

Bonus Tips:

Establish your own Tea Meditation Ritual each day. Make a cup of your favorite SEI MEE Tea. Breathe in the fragrance as you inhale. Feel the warmth of the cup. Feel the tension dissolve into the aroma and warmth. Antioxidants in Green Tea (EGCG) enhance your mood. L-Theanine, a natural relaxant exclusively found in Green Tea, relaxes you without drowsiness. Take just a few minutes to center yourself with a simple cup of tea and deep breathing. 
Try this once a day this week, then another week… Keep your favorite teacup on your desk as a reminder, if you wish. Once you mindfully practice deep breathing over a period of time, it will naturally become the way you breathe and give you the ability to help control stress, anxiety, and many other symptoms related to stress. 

 “Take a deep breath. Inhale peace. Exhale happiness.” ~ A.D. Posey

Meet the Author:  Kiyomi

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