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We enjoyed every bite in Paris. Even packaged fruit yogurt and coke bought at G7 (Super Marche–a common grocery store in France) tasted superior to our American equivalents. And we noticed: they are NOT as sweet as ours, and YET more delicious. Every time I do a tea demo at a grocery store, I encounter some people who say, “I don’t taste anything at all.” As you know as our great customer, our tea has smooth, subtle, delicate flavors. After those people looked at me somewhat puzzled, they would go on: “Some honey or sweetener would be good.” “Lose the sugar, not the sweetness,” says an advertisement of a fake sweetener company. Really? Do moms want to nurture their kids’ palate that way? These kids won’t be able to get pleasure out of natural flavors because sweetness seems to override other flavors and desensitize our taste sensor. And sweetness makes our brain crave more sweetness–that means more calories (even though fake sugar itself is calorie free). So, instead, I would suggest:

“use less sweetness in your food and enhance your palate so you will be able to enjoy natural flavors better.”

This is our challenge–unfortunately, convenient ready-to-eat foods and beverages available in our mass market are loaded with sweetness (otherwise, “BOLD” powerful flavor of some kind) and numbing our palate everyday. The numbed palate will take a while to be re-conditioned. Really, “flavorful” shouldn’t mean boringly “sweet”. They are more colorful, inspiring, or soothing in a unique way. ‘Unsweeten’ the palate, and add another joy to your life, (not to mention better health). ???? 

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