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Learn How to Choose & How to Use Green Tea Powder

SEI MEE TEA will be at NW Tea Festival 2018!  Come and visit our booth, see, smell, and taste! You will taste healthy & tasty teas while having fun. We will sample our original teas including:

Edible Green Sencha Green Tea Powder

Edible Green Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf

Edible Green Sencha Genmaicha Powder

MATCHA green tea for modern warriors

Sweet Green Tea ~ Kukicha Lavender Leaf Tea

Afternoon Green Tea ~ Hojicha Red Rose Leaf Tea

Morning Green Tea ~ Fukamushi Lemongrass Leaf Tea


Workshop #3:  Entertain Your Friends with a Japanese Tea Party

Find a surprising way to offer Japanese teas in a fun social setting! Come to our relaxing and informative tea party.  You will use your senses to savor and to learn about various types of Japanese teas along with useful tips for pairing them with delicious foods.  Whether you love Japanese teas or not, you will find how entertaining simple Japanese tea can be.  All you need to bring is your curiosity and imagination. We will provide all the teas, foods, and a surprise! 3:45 to 4:45 p.m., Saturday, September 29th

NW Tea Festival 2018 will be at Exhibition Hall, Seattle Center

10 am – 6 pm Saturday, September 29th 10 am – 4 pm Sunday, September 30th

Entry is open to the public, with an admission fee of $15 per person. Admission allows entry to both days – Saturday & Sunday. Children under twelve are admitted free.


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