Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


We are hiring!


We are looking for unique individuals to join our team. If you enjoy tea or sharing your skills and expertise about organic green tea, wellness, and online business, email us your application.

Grow SEI MEE TEA together!

We have been offering quality organic Japanese green tea to American folks for 16 years. We are recruiting for some enthusiastic, attentive and caring people who would like to be part of our expanding tea business and grow with us.

Please email us if ANY or all of the following describes you:

– You love to create attractive & engaging social media posts

– You would love to contribute your passion and talent (SEO, graphic design, copywriting, etc.) to a meaningful cause: enhancing people’s wellbeing with pure green tea and a positive mindset

– You love learning about tea and tea culture (especially Sencha, Matcha, and other Japanese green teas) and writing articles about your discoveries

– You love to use your hands and make attractive & quality pure products that support people’s wellness

– You love to contribute your tenacity to the evolution of a thriving online business

If you are interested in making a difference together, please email us and tell us about yourself!

Hourly rate and hours are negotiable. Some of the above work can be done remotely and/or on contract.

offering SEI MEE TEA products
Sei Mee Tea at a grocery store
Kiyomi for SEI MEE TEA workshop

Organic & Humane

We’ve been spreading hope by offering pure quality green tea products and by touting the benefits of green tea since 2004. We are what we eat and what we think. So, we specialize in organic teas and a positive mindset. We believe an accumulation of small accomplishments brings a big achievement. We are a small company and our production and marketing are all organic and humane based on the organic and sanitary standards of our Organic Certifier (Oregon Tilth), FDA, and USDA. We believe in cheerful, helpful customer service and attention to every detail.

The product production at our facility in Oregon is 100% organic and hands-on. We put our labor of love into each step of the process. We do research and we send out the latest studies by newsletter to inform our subscribers. We treat each order as if we had the customer there in person. That’s why we write a personal note for each order. Recognizing who ordered and what and how often…, and writing a note to each customer–each day, every day. Just one customer at a time. It is how we show our appreciation. And, it is our prayer for each one of our customers to feel healthier and happier sip by sip.

We do our due diligence to make sure our products are safe and pure. More than 90 health practitioners, including over 40 naturopathic oncologists, recommend our pure green tea to their patients. 

We are hiring

Are you interested in tea, Japanese tea culture, and/or wellness? Would you like to contribute to the world by sharing your skills and expertise in writing, managing websites, developing social media community, or producing high quality, attractive products to enhance people’s wellness? If so, join our team and expand our platform to spread ripples.

Sei Mee Tea is hiring

Are you interested in joining our team? Tell us about yourself!

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Organic Tea Farms are growing SEI MEE TEA in Japan

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Naturopathic Oncologists are recommending SEI MEE TEA

Our History

November 2004  Sold out 120 pouches of Edible Green Sencha Green Tea Powder in one month.

March 2005 Launched our original website, which offered one product, Edible Green Sencha Powder.

May 2005  Started wholesale. Conducted many store demos, created numerous loyal customers through gift shows and seminars.

May 2011 Became a licensed food processor and started to produce products using organic ingredients at our Oregon facility.

November 2015 Chosen as one of the 6 participants for Tea Business Meeting Tour by the Japan External Trade Organization.

June 2017 Our facility was certified as organic.

February 2018 Started to use WordPress, the current website platform.

March 2019 Conducted Japan Tea Tour visiting Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima.

July 2021 Planning to open SEI MEE TEA house at our scenic Oregon site, where people can nourish their body, soul and mind.

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