Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Why do you want to be healthy? What does “becoming healthy” mean to you? Determining your true motivation for why you want to be healthy adds feeling and emotion to your goal. Clearly seeing your goal will make the whole journey an easier and more meaningful process.

Most people use numbers on a scale as their goal. But the numbers do not motivate them. Why? Focusing solely on your weight is boring, right? Staring at stubbornly plateaued numbers will eliminate other things you could enjoy while you are “on the way.”  “Becoming healthy” is so much more than a number!

Here are just a few reasons that might make your personal “Why Be Healthy” list:

*Have more energy and do what you love

*Gain a sense of balance and awareness

*Be able to choose what you eat

*Feel more comfortable about yourself

*Be a role model or a good example to others

*Live longer with more joy

The True Secret for Healthy Eating

Food is your fuel. Food nourishes you on a deep level. Freeing yourself from the endless cycle of number crunching, willpower, and deprivation is the way to truly balanced eating. Learn to listen to your body sincerely. Discover what truly nourishes you and your true needs. Counting calories is another “number” trap. What you need to see is the “bigger picture.”

For example, when someone wants to lose weight, they soon discover their true motivation was something else, such as to increase energy, to manage stress, or to achieve balance in life, etc.

When our emotions are out of balance—irritated, sad, anxious, or stressed—we may be led to make poor food choices. The fuel you choose can either aggravate your emotional state, or calm and ground you by providing nutrients. Pay attention and be honest to what your body says.

Start by figuring out your own personal “why”.  It will serve as the foundation to help you reach your goals. It’s so much more fun and enjoyable than staring at numbers.

Bonus Tips:

*Enjoy a cup of your favorite green tea half an hour before your meal. Enjoying it BEFORE your meal will get your digestive juices (enzymes) flowing before you even put anything in your mouth.

*A few drops of any bitter herbal tincture or tea will help prime digestion by signaling your entire digestive tract to release enzymes that help process food. It’s best to take these 15 minutes before you eat — although during and after meals is still better than nothing.

*Here’s another benefit of a cup, when it’s green tea: it may help lower blood sugar spikes. EGCG, primary green tea antioxidants, could help control the typical blood sugar increases that are brought on when we eat starchy foods.

“Your life is a story. Write the one you want to read.” ~ A.D. Posey

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