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Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Cancer Survivor Stories “Survived & Thriving”

Read real cancer survivor stories. Learn what they did to survive cancer and to keep thriving.

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Bill’s Story: “You beat the odds”

Bill was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2001. His oncologist said his survival chance was 50/50. Watch the video and find what he did to beat the odds.

Anne’s Story: Minimal Side Effects & No Recurrences!

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer almost 10 years ago after a routine mammogram & ultrasound.  I had a lumpectomy & radiation, and so far it has not returned.

I live in California but my parents lived out their retirement in Joseph, Oregon, (where Kiyomi & Bill live) and it was while visiting them that I tried Sei Mee Sencha, maybe 12 years ago. My mom told me about Kiyomi & Bill’s story then. 

I’ve been drinking the Sencha or Matcha almost every day since, and now also enjoy the Hojicha in the afternoons.  I also adopted a whole-food, plant-based diet around the same time and eliminated household cleaning products & cosmetics with harmful chemicals after my diagnosis.  I believe that all of that helped me have minimal side effects from the radiation, and no recurrences.

I love how easy it is to order Sei Mee Tea online, and everything is packaged so nicely with a personal note!

Elbert’s Story: No More Pain from Leukemia

I have had leukemia for 18 years, meaning my white blood cell count is high but they aren’t mature so I don’t have a good immune system. My doctor recommended green tea. So I researched it and found Edible Green® tea. I started drinking Edible Green® Sencha tea to re-strengthen my immune system. This tea is helping to control the pain I used to have. I eat organic, fresh food as much as possible. I even have my own garden where I grow most of my fruits and veggies.

When I stop drinking Edible Green® tea, I can feel the pain creeps back. I am truly positive that your tea has helped control my leukemia. At 77, I can still be active and exercise every day. I feel really good and healthy.

No More Heart Palpitations, Either!

Another benefit I experienced from Edible Green® tea: During my mid-twenties, I started having heart palpitations. I tried a variety of vitamins and other medicines that doctors recommend. They would work for a while, but then the heart palpitations would always come back. When I started drinking Edible Green® Sencha tea in 2013, they went away. I haven’t had heart palpitations since! Edible Green® tea is a mainstay of my diet!”

Sheryl’s Story: SEI MEE TEA–My Doctor’s Recommendation for Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. One of my doctors mentioned to me the benefits of green tea. She suggested that I try the edible sencha from SEI MEE TEA®. She recommended the tea and company because of the research she did to find the best, purest way of getting and drinking green tea.

Enjoyable in Many Ways

I tried it and discovered how much I like it. The edible sencha powder is so easy to use.  I try to have a cup every morning, 1/4 teaspoon mixed with hot water. I also add a little cinnamon to it. Then during the day, I will have more tea, either another cup of hot or cold. It’s very easy with the powder to mix it with cold water, add ice and enjoy a glass of iced green tea. If I make a smoothie, I will put 1/4 teaspoon in with the other ingredients. I also love the single-serving sticks. I can take these anywhere, just add water, and I’m able to drink my green tea. 

More Benefits from Green Tea

Lately, I’ve been hearing and reading about the benefits of green tea and brain health especially as women get older. I’m glad that drinking the edible sencha has helped increase my health!

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Susan’s Story: My Double Cancer Survival Story

Mole on My Arm

In 1977 in Glendale, California, while pregnant with my second child, I suffered an inflamed tailbone. My gynecologist thought it was hemorrhoids and sent me down the hall to his friend, Dr. Morel, the surgeon. After a thorough exam, he concluded that it was an inflamed tailbone and he proceeded to inject a shot of cortisone in my tailbone (lots of fun!). While he was doing that and I was in severe pain he happened (a God-send) to notice the mole on my right forearm. He immediately demanded (literally) that I come back in a couple of days so he could remove it. I did go back in a couple of days, he chopped (literally) off the mole and sent it off to be tested.

Clark Level 4 of Melanoma with Pregnancy

Dr. Morel was an almost-retired doctor who wore a two-edged razor around his neck as a necklace (received from a patient as a gift).  He was strong, powerful and very decisive. He guessed right. If he had not come along, I would have died.  The melanoma was a 4 on a Clark scale of 1-5. I had surgery to go deeper on my forearm at 5 months pregnant. The doctors concluded I should abort my baby and begin treatment immediately. I said “NO”, I would not. At 7 months surgery happened again to dissect the lymph nodes which thankfully came back negative. 

Cancer-Free Years with Excercise, Right Diet, & Self-Care

Lisa was born on January 22, 1978, perfect in every way.  She was healthy and beautiful.  Today she is 43 years old and her brother David who was born 22 months later is also healthy and handsome in every way.  

Two oncologists recommend immediate treatment for my melanoma and the third doctor, Dr. Citronbaum (another God-send) after an hour and a half of examination and two weeks to decide determined I was young, healthy and did not need to do anything. I followed Dr. Citronbaum. Of course, I was checked every six months for decades in Los Angeles and in Columbia, SC where Dr. William Butler took care of me until he retired. I have been cancer-free since 1978 (from the melanoma). Yes, I exercise, watch my diet and take care of myself. While I have survived this melanoma I have personally known five women (I am a Mary Kay Sales Director) in my business who have come to me for support and to answer questions who are no longer living. I always wonder why I have been so very blessed and I simply just say, “Thank you, God.”

Diagnosis with Breast Cancer

Last October 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy with 16 treatments of radiation. I am still recovering from the radiation (we received this letter in June 2021), I have lymphedema which affects my arm rotation and movement. I am currently receiving rehabilitation treatment with improvement every day.  

In April 2020, I was introduced to Sei Mee Tea (Edible Green tea) by Dr. Baxter (Las Vegas), a wonderful chiropractor, nutritionist, and wellness doctor. I take one cup a day. I confess I have had to get accustomed to the taste, however, I do it anyway. I do however absolutely love the chocolates (Matcha Truffles that are available seasonally)!  

Look forward to Many More Days of Good Health

I am very happy with my life and so very thankful for every single day.  I have lived long enough to see my children become adults and now I am seeing my grandsons growing each day (they are 7 and soon to be 5).

I look forward to many more days of good health. 

My best, 

Susan Celi

Julie’s Story: Survival from Esophageal Cancer

Intense pain, weight loss, and no more oral intake of food

I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in April 2018.  By the time I was diagnosed the tumor had grown to 70% of the length of my esophagus, was extended onto my aorta, and was preventing me from eating solid food. I went through chemo and radiation treatment for 6 weeks through June and July 2018 – the goal was to shrink the tumor to the extent that my esophagus could be removed surgically.

During that time the esophageal pain grew intense and I was on a ridiculous amount of opioids every day. I was not able to swallow enough liquids to sustain my body’s needs so I was at the hospital every day for IV hydration. I drank meal replacement solutions infrequently, lost weight steadily, and was very weak. 

By early August my pain medication was changed from fentanyl patches and oral morphine administration to enough hydromorphone in a day to take down a herd of elephants!  My body got exhausted and weak, but I still had surgery to get through.  It became impossible to take in nutrition or liquids orally, due to the pain, so a nasal feeding tube was inserted.  My stomach was sensitive to food by this stage so I could only get in limited nutrition in a day, and I kept losing weight.

10 hour surgery and post surgery pain

By the time of surgery at the end of September, I was down to a 50% chance that I would come through it. The surgeon’s last words to my husband before they wheeled me to the operating room were, “you are a praying man; start praying.” 

The surgery was scheduled to take 4 hours but took over ten. The surgical team removed my esophagus and 22 surrounding lymph nodes.  They pulled my stomach up into my chest cavity and connected it close to the base of my throat. I came out of surgery with 13 tubes coming out of my body for various functions, and a high dependency on opioids to dull the post-surgery pain.  I left the hospital 12 days later with all tubes removed except a feeding tube going into my jejunum, which was taken out four weeks later when I was able to eat enough to sustain myself.

The whole event was a “recalibration” of what is important in life.

The whole event was a “recalibration” of what is important in life. My husband and I trusted God every step of the way and He gave us an amazing peace and joy through the whole journey – a lesson we want to live by every day for the rest of our lives.  Every day is a blessing and we are both very thankful for every one of them that we can enjoy together.

The journey was an eye-opener to the lifestyle factors that contributed to such an unexpected condition. I spent many hours after my surgery researching diet and lifestyle changes that my husband and I would adopt going forward.  I changed our diet to “whole-food, plant-based” immediately, and adopted many other health-promoting lifestyle changes.  My husband quickly reaped the benefits also – within the first two months he was off insulin medication (that he had been on for the last 5 years).

Change in what I feed my body every day has kept me cancer-free

I have remained cancer-free since surgery in September 2018, which I feel is largely a result of what I feed my body every day.  I love researching health topics and spend many hours a week following the latest plant-based research.  I was fascinated with the information that Kiyomi so excellently presented on “Chef AJ Live” and immediately became a customer of Sencha Green Tea powder and Brown Rice Coffee alternative.  I love the products and look forward to keeping them in my daily regimen of health. 

I want to thank you so much for making these excellent and life-changing products available to the world. Your desire to bring health and vitality to lives is an inspiration and a blessing.  Please don’t give up on your quest!

Julie G.