To choose the best tea for you, you need to learn which tea offers what benefits. Watch this short video to learn the difference between Sencha Powder and Matcha. Choose the best tea for your needs:

MATCHA: Gain Calm Energy and Peaceful Awareness.

Delicious Matcha is the source of sustainable energy and a natural relaxant from the valuable balance of L-Theanine and Caffeine. SEI MEE TEA offers 100% certified organic Japanese matcha.

SENCHA POWDER, Edible Green: Naturally More Potent

Abundant sun exposure produces more Catechin Antioxidants and less Caffeine in the tea leaf. Sencha powder is made with tea leaf grown in full sun. You consume whole leaf in a fine powder form. Available in Regular and Natural Water Method Decaf.

Organic Loose Leaf Teas: De-stress and Detox

Less than 5% of Japanese Green Tea production is certified Organic. Choose your tea wisely. See our wide variety of selection: GYOKURO, HOJICHA, FUKAMUSHI SENCHA, GENMAICHA & more!