Pure, Soothing, & Powerful Tea for Your Health

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Module 1 Green Tea 101
Unit 1 Types of Tea
Unit 2 Processes Affecting Quality of Tea
Unit 3 Green Tea Health Benefits
Unit 4 What is Matcha?
Unit 5 How to Store Tea Properly
Module 2 Japanese Green Tea: History, Benefits, & Types
Unit 1 History of Matcha and Japanese Tea Ceremony
Unit 2 Benefits of Matcha
Unit 3 Japanese Traditional Teas
Unit 4 Chinese Green Tea vs. Japanese Green Tea
Module 3 Green Tea as Natural Medicine
Unit 1 Which is better, Matcha or Sencha?
Unit 2 Caffeine in Green Tea
Unit 3 Is Decaffeinated Green Tea beneficial?
Unit 4 Water Process Decaffeination
Unit 5 L-theanine Benefits
Unit 6 Naturopathic Doctor's Advice
Unit 7 Can Dogs Drink Green Tea?
Unit 8 Cold Tea vs. Hot Tea
Module 4 Green Tea Cooking and Green Tea Pairing
Unit 1 Green Tea Pairing
Unit 2 How to Make Iced Tea
Unit 3 Is it OK to cook Green Tea?
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