Quality Green Tea offers fresh vegetal, slightly nutty sweetness. If you are not used to this unique flavor, you may want to add lemon and/or sweetener to Green Tea. Is it a good idea to add sugar to Green Tea? Does sugar negate the benefit of green tea? How about lemon? Vitamin C enhances the antioxidant activity of green tea, so lemon is a good addition. If you are diabetic, do not add sugar to green tea.  Green tea antioxidants control blood sugar levels if sugar is not added to green tea. But studies show when sugar is taken with green tea, the effect is canceled.

Commercially available ready-to-drink tea may have a lot of sugar in it. In addition, when you are drinking beverages sweetened with sugar, you will become to crave more for sweetness. Matcha or Sencha powder is easy to add to your water bottle. Controlling the amount of sugar intake could mean controlling your health.

Just you want to be careful which tea to choose as some teas are not as healthy.

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