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How do I Store Matcha & Green Tea Powder Properly

how to store matcha

4 Things to Avoid

Please keep matcha and green tea powder away from the following in order to maximize the shelf life:

1) Air

2) Sunlight

3) Moisture

4) Heat

how to store matcha and sencha powder

Tips for Optimal Storage of Matcha and Sencha Green Tea Powder


If You Purchased a Bulk Bag

How to Minimize the Air Exposure

The powder gets exposed to the air every time you open the container or the bag. We recommend you take a portion of powder, which you will use up within a few weeks, out of the bulk bag and put it in a small dark air-tight container or a smaller dark food storage bag (NOT a clear plastic bag, because it doesn’t block sunlight).

When you close the bulk bag, gently squeeze the air out of the bag so the bag contains as little air as possible. Double fold the mouth of the bag securely and seal the folded mouth with shipping tape (scotch tape may not be sticky enough to keep it down). If you use a rubber band, use two, one on each end, to make sure no air gets into the bag.

Fridge? Freezer? Or Room Temp?

Keep the bulk bag in a fridge or a freezer as you don’t open it every day. Be sure to take the bag out of the fridge or freezer at least half an hour before you reopen the bag so the temperature of the powder becomes the same as room temperature. When the powder is colder than room temperature, condensation occurs on the surface of powder particles. Moisture is an enemy to the freshness!

edible green sencha powder

For Your Every Day Container

Type of Container

As for a small container, choose a tin or ceramic–no clear glass or plastic to avoid sunlight. Choose the right size for the amount of powder you will use for a few weeks. This is to minimize the powder’s exposure to the air. While the powder is stored in a container, air in the container also degrades the powder. A smaller container holds less air. The less air space in the container, the better. 

Pouch or Tin?

Even though it is a little awkward to handle, if you use a foil-lined food storage bag instead of a container, it is ideal because you can squeeze the air out of the bag when you close it. Little air in the bag while powder is stored. Our “MATCHA 100g pouch” and “Edible Green Sencha Powder pouches” are packed in a foil-lined bag with sunlight and moisture barrier capability.

Avoid Condensation 

Keep the container or bag with a few weeks’ supply in a cool, dark, and dry place. If the room you keep the container or bag is warmer than 70º F, our recommendation is to keep it in a fridge. However, please remember to take the container or bag out of the fridge a half hour before you open the container to avoid condensation.


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