Here is one of the popular questions: Is decaf green tea good for you?

Get green tea benefits, not caffeine:
Consume the entire leaf, not steeped tea

Common sense about decaf green tea:

Decaffeination reduces the antioxidants, so if you drink the decaffeinated green tea you will need to drink more green tea to get the same health benefits as regular green tea.

It’s true with other decaf green teas because their decaffeination process removes water-soluble antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals along with the caffeine. So, “decaffeinated green tea leaves” don’t have much water-soluble nutrition left–that means, if you brew decaffeinated green tea leaves, you just get colored water with little antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Edible Green® Decaf sencha green tea powder is the most efficient green tea when you are sensitive to caffeine. 95% of Catechins are left in Edible Green Decaf sencha green tea powder.  That means you still get 95% of Catechins from this amazing sencha green tea powder.  Since Sencha offers more Catechins than Matcha does, Edible Green Decaf green tea powder offers more Catchins than Matcha does.  No more compromise on green tea benefits to enjoy decaf green tea!

Edible Green® Decaf green tea powder is the only decaf green tea that delivers green tea benefits to you.

-Naturally decaffeinated with the patented Water Process method.

-Decaf green tea powder is almost as healthy as regular green tea powder with 95% of Catechins.

-Edible Green® Decaf green tea powder is the only one “decaf green tea powder” available in the US market.  Same mild and smooth flavor as regular Edible Green® tea powder.

Kiyomi, Edible Green® Decaf is ‘Kiyummy’!
-Chick Russell, Executive Show Producer Universal Creative, Orlando, FL