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Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Healthy?

Decaf Green Tea is good for you only if you consume the entire tea leaf

Common sense about decaf green tea: Decaffeination reduces the antioxidants, so if you drink the decaffeinated green tea you will need to drink more green tea to get the same health benefits as regular green tea.

It’s true with decaf green tea, if the tea is ‘brewed tea,’ because their decaffeination process removes water-soluble antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals along with caffeine. So, “decaffeinated green tea leaves” don’t have much water-soluble nutrition left to be brewed–that means, if you brew decaffeinated green tea leaves, you just get colored water with few antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

But you CAN get rich antioxidants from decaffeinated green tea. 1) The decaffeination process needs to retain antioxidants. 2) You need to ingest an entire leaf to get the whole nutrition from the leaf. We grind organic Sencha Tea leaf that is decaffeinated by patented water process into a fine powder so you can ingest the whole leaf’s entire nutrition in powder form.

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Patented Water Process Decaffeination

The patented process removes Caffeine but retains EGCG, a prominent antioxidant of Green Tea, in the tea leaves

*National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

Because you consume the entire Sencha leaf that was decaffeinated using the patented water process, Edible Green® Decaf sencha green tea powder is most efficient green tea, when you are sensitive to caffeine. 95% of Catechins are left in Edible Green Decaf sencha green tea powder.  That means you still get 95% of Catechins from this amazing sencha green tea powder.  

No More Compromise!

Edible Green® Decaf Sencha green tea powder is made with organic Sencha, and the powder is very fine. The taste is soothing and not bitter. You can add the powder to your healthy smoothies and your favorite evening teas. A perfect healthy tea to end of your long day. Enjoy the power of green tea antioxidants from the only decaf green tea that delivers green tea benefits to you.

Kiyomi, Edible Green® Decaf is ‘Kiyummy’!
-Chick Russell, Executive Show Producer Universal Creative, Orlando, FL

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