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 Unforgettable™ is the best gluten free coffee alternative made from completely caffeine free, 100% pure roasted brown rice powder.  Roasted brown rice powder makes a healthy gluten free coffee substitute drink with rich and comforting flavor, reminiscent of rich coffee or dark cocoa.[gap]

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Certified toxin-free test results

Ingredients:  100% whole brown rice grown organically in Japan.  No pesticides, no herbicides, no chemicals, no preservatives, no lead, and no arsenic.

-Only 9 cal. per serving.

-Available in 24 cup resealable pouch, 60 cup resealable pouch, and 200 cup economical bulk bag.

How to make a cup of delicious Unforgettable™:  Just mix 8 oz of hot water with 1 tsp. Unforgettable™ powder.  Enjoy it cold over ice.

-Mix with rice milk, almond milk, or soy milk, instead of water, and treat yourself with scrumptious “dairy free, caffeine free, gluten free MOCHA”!


Unforgettable™ tastes really close to coffee but it’s good for you!  And it’s very satisfying.”  P.K., FL

Health Benefits of Unforgettable™ Roasted Brown Rice Powder

The origin of roasted brown rice powder was called, “Kuro-iri,” which means “roasted until it gets black.”  “Kuro-iri” was long known as a folk medicine.  However, the intricate roasting process and short shelf life limited the availability of this folk medicine.  Thanks to modern technology and devoted food scientists, the benefits of roasted brown rice are now available by simply enjoying Unforgettable™, a delicious drink.[gap]
*Health benefits from roasted brown rice powder includes:
– Provides strong antioxidants
– Provides phytic acid, which prevents colon cancer
– Detoxifies system
– Cleanses blood
– Improves blood circulation
– Provides a calming effect
– Superior and more effective than cooked brown rice
– Easy to digest
– Low calorie
– No carcinogens
– 100% Pure
– Easy to incorporate in everyday diet
– Delicious!
– Provides strong antioxidants
Tocopherol and Ferulic Acid available in roasted brown rice powder are strong antioxidants.  It’s high antioxidant capacity also protects from oxidation.
– Provides Phytic Acid, which prevents colon cancer
Phytic Acid, one of the phytochemicals in roasted brown rice, binds with radiation, heavy metals, and carcinogens, and eliminates them from our system.  A scientific study shows Phytic Acid is effective to prevent colon cancer.
– Detoxifies system
The small holes created by the roasting process densely cover the entire surface of each particle of the powder.  The holes absorb toxic substances such as pesticides, food additives, toxic environmental chemicals, and eliminates them from our system. It also reduces unwelcomed side effects from medicines.  Our gastrointestinal system also benefits from this detoxifying effect and one result is reduced bad breath.
– Cleanses blood
Red blood cells in healthy, clean blood are round and separated from each other.  Red blood cells in unhealthy blood are connected together, which is called “rouleaux formation.”  Rouleaux formation reduces the efficiency of red blood cell function to one fourth to one tenth, compared to healthy blood.  Note that what you eat changes from healthy, clean blood to blood with rouleaux formation, and vice versa, within 10 to 20 minutes.
 Improves blood circulation
Roasted brown rice powder enhances blood circulation, especially in the micro vessels of the toes and fingers.
– Provides a calming effect
Roasted brown rice powder offers gamma-oryzanol, which has a calming effect and improves the quality of sleep.
– Superior and more effective than cooked brown rice.
The roasting process increases the nutrition density in brown rice for Polyphenols; a nutritional intensification similar to what occurs to foods when they are exposed to sunlight to dehydrate.
 Easy to digest
Bioavailability of nutrition from cooked brown rice after 100 time mastication (chewing) is only 30%.  On the other hand, the bioavailability of the nutrition from brown rice powder is over 90%, even when it’s swallowed without mastication, since the powder is extremely fine.
– Low calorie
Only 9 cal. per serving.  A small amount of roasted brown rice powder provides satiety.
– No carcinogens
Tests show no carcinogens in roasted brown rice powder.
 100% Pure
Tests show no pesticide and no herbicides.  No preservatives, no artificial additives.
– Easy to incorporate in everyday diet
Roasted brown rice powder can be easily mixed in any foods and the health benefits come from small amounts.  Due to this versatility and effectiveness, it is simple for anyone to add roasted brown rice powder to their diet, either for themselves or the entire household.
– Delicious!
This is “the most delicious coffee substitute I ever tasted!”  ~ Natural food store owner, Oregon[gap]
 *Source:  “Improve your health by adding brown rice powder to your diet.”  By Dr. Takafumi Tsurumi
The above statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,and/ or prevent any diseases.