This is an easy & delicious green tea ice cream recipe. Using an electric home ice cream maker and generally following directions for making ice cream. This recipe is for a 4 qt machine.


  • 4 qts of whole ice cream
  • 10g of Edible Green® green tea powder (1/4 of 40g foil pack of Edible Green® green tea powder, or 1/2 of 20g – 40 cup tin). Matcha can be used instead of Edible Green®. 5 tsp. Matcha powder is 10g.


  1. Combine whole cream with green tea powder
  2. Do not be concerned if tea powder “clumps,” just mix and the powder will disperse evenly as the ice cream is made.
  3. Add sweetener, this recipe suggests xylitol (diabetic friendly) 1-2 cups according to taste.

Enjoy! Thank you to Yarrow for sharing your recipe.