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Marine Phytoplankton Information

[label type=”info” shape=”round” ]-Detox, restore, & strengthen organs at the cellular level
-Micronutrients from over 1 million marine phytoplankton cells per serving
-Promotes healthier cells[/label]

Marine Phytoplankton is nature’s original balanced nutritional source to nourish your organs at the cellular level with a remarkable blend of micronutrients.

The unique, complete blend of micronutrients in Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton helps maintain and enhance human cell membranes in structure and function; a vital element for cell detoxification and the overall metabolism of human cells.

Cells are the building ‘blocks’ of every organ. So, better health and healing begins at the cellular level. We would like to nourish cells so they stay strong, healthy, and fully functional. Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton provides wonderful natural nourishment for cells.

The mineral elements and electrolytes in phytoplankton are tailor-made for the human body. Our bodies need these elements to keep cells vital and strong as nature intended.

As one example of the wonders of nature, the list of micronutrients in Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton is remarkable as shown below.  Best of all, Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton is a whole food, NO artificial vitamins and minerals.

“Two weeks after I started to take Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton, my annual regular check up on Hepatitis B found the virus load was undetectable.”

Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton is a blend of several species of marine phytoplankton, primarily from the larger, nutrient-rich Bacillariophyceae (classified commonly as diatoms). The proprietary patented process harvests natural seawater, capturing the marine phytoplankton in million liter tanks. This is the only known product to take natural marine phytoplankton communities containing a complete suite of marine trace elements in proportion to those found naturally in human plasma. All marine phytoplankton are classified as microalgae, but not all microalgae are marine phytoplankton.



Micro-Nutrients in Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton:
Alanine / Alginine / Asparagine / Aspartic Acid / Beta-carotene / Bioflavinoids / Biotin / Boron / Calcium / Chlorophyll / Chromium / Cobalt / Copper Cysteine / Essential Fatty Acids / Electrolytes / Fiber / Fluorine / Folic Acid / Germanium / Gamma Linolenic Acid / Glutamic Acid / Glutamine / Glutathione / Glycine / Glycogen / Histidine / Iron / Isoleucine / Lecithin / Leucine / Linoleic Acid / Lysine / Magnesium / Manganese / Methionine / Molybdenum / Niacin / Nickel / Nucleic Acids / Omega-3 Fatty Acids / Omega-6 Fatty Acids / Pantohenic Acid (Vitamin B5) / Phenylalanine / Phosphorous / Potassium / Proline / Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) / Riboflavin / RNA / Selenium / Serine / Silicon / Sodium / Superoxide Dismutase / Substance P / Thiamine (Vitamin B1) / Theonine / Tyrosine / Valine / Vanadium / Vitamin B12 / Vitamin C / Vitamin E / Zinc 

Supplement Facts for Liquid:
-Serving Size 1/2 Dropper (1 ml)
-Alpha-3 Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton™—250mg*
-USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade glycerin
*Daily value not established


Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the health advantage of Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (CMP), compared to products made with Spirulina and Chlorella, Blue Green, or any other algae?


-Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton is harvested in a natural ocean environment, for which the technology is patent-pending. So marine trace elements in CMP are complete and in proportion to those found naturally in human plasma.

-The cell wall is open so the nutrients are bio-available.

Spirulina is a simple, one celled form of algae that grows in warm freshwater environments. Even though spirulina is distantly related to kelp, it is not a sea plant. The freshwater ponds and lakes it favors are notably more alkaline than ordinary lakes and cannot sustain any other forms of microorganisms.

Chlorella is a form of unicellular green algae found in still freshwater, soil, or bark of trees. Chlorella has a strong cell wall that prevents it’s native form from being adequately broken-down and absorbed by the human digestive system. Special processing is required to break its cell wall.

Kelp are large macroalgae (seaweeds), belonging to the brown algae family. Kelp grows in underwater forests (kelp forests) in clear, shallow oceans where water temperature is below 20 º C. It offers protection to some sea creatures, or food for others. Of the more common algae products currently on the market, Kelp is correctly classified as a marine macroalgae.


2. Is Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton better than taking multi-vitamin pills?


Nutritional properties of Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton are remarkable as shown above. On top of that, the blend of nutrition you are consuming is in a natural form, unlike multi-vitamins, which are articificially produced.

“The kind of vitamins you get from diet is quite different, because foods are very complex and have a lot of chemicals we don’t know about that interact with each other. [Eating a varied diet] is not the same as distilling it into a pill.” (by Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, a professor of epidemiology and population health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City)

In addition, Marine Phytoplankton provides you with many nutrients not found in daily diets, since it is derived from the ocean.


3. Is Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton safe to consume?


Collected seawater for harvesting is tested for safety. The test results show no surface-related toxins or contaminants.

CMP product is tested and processed according to GMP* standards in a certified laboratory and manufacturing facility. Automated packaging is done under strict sterile conditions.

*GMP standards is from Canada where the phytoplankton is processed– It stands for ‘Good manufacturing practices” and it is more strict than the FDA in the U.S.

At the conclusion of each run of product, a full analysis is performed to ensure the products adhere to the guidelines for heavy metals, yeast, mold, and bacteria. Each batch of finished product is accompanied by a certificate of analysis.

As always, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical concerns, consult your health care provider.


4. Can I take it with other foods or drinks?


It is important to remember that algae is considered a whole food, so you can eat it with other vitamins, medications or herbs.


5. What are the capsules made of? What is the medium in liquid form?


Powder is encapsulated in Veggie Capsules, which are then packaged in air tight bottles. Recommended daily intake: 3 capsules. Other ingredients: maltodextrine, veggie capsule.

Liquid is placed in dark glass bottles to protect the pigment from light exposure, in a medium of glycerine water. Recommended daily intake: 2 ml liquid (1 dropper). Other ingredients: USP grade glycerine, water.


6. What does Marine Phytoplankton liquid taste like?

Marine Phytoplankton liquid tastes a little sweet and is easy to drink. It doesn’t smell or taste like regular sea food.

7. What is the shelf life?

Packed in air tight, dark colored bottle, its shelf life is 3 years. Each bottle provides 30 day servings. Please store bottles in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is not recommended.



“After 2 weeks I started to take Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton, my annual regular check up on Hepatitis B found the virus load was undetectable.”

“My complexion started ‘glowing’ after using Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton for 5 days.”

“I’m using Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton Liquid on my face after I wash my face with soap everyday. It moisturizes the skin but does not make the skin greasy. Lotion tends to plug up the pours but this Marine Phytoplankton Liquid is not oil so the pours got shrunk instead. It seems to adjust the balance of the moisture and oil in the skin. It nourishes the skin and my small wrinkles have disappeared. My skin looks 10 years younger now!”

Disclaimer:  The above statement has not been evaluated by FDA.  It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, and/or cure any diseases.