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Healthiest Tea for You

Offering the healthiest tea to you is our mission. Being certified organic is just a start for us to ensure the quality and safety of our tea

As one of the proud tea professionals in the industry for almost 2 decades, we are not so naive as to agree conventional tea or non-organic tea is “safe enough.” You need to know the fact–you are drinking pesticide residue from conventional teas–even if it has won a competition. Tea professionals also know synthetic chemical fertilizers play a big role in “award-winning flavor.” The top priority of such sellers is “sales for them” not “safety and health for customers.”

As our company started to spread our story as a cancer survivor, purity of tea is one of the top priorities for us. So, providing organically grown tea is just the beginning of our high standard. We look for more qualities in the teas we offer. For example, we do third-party tests for radiation and lead in our tea products, selecting only those products that pass the test.

We also have a great personal relationship with our tea farmers and processors in Japan. Our involvement goes beyond “purchasing” tea. Most of the tea sellers do not talk to the farmers at all. They buy teas from tea brokers or wholesalers. We work together directly with our farmer friends about when to harvest, how to process, testing, etc. And what is as important as growing delicious, healthy tea? It is the post-harvest treatment and process. Our conversation with processors is also an important job for us. At SEI MEE TEA, each tea needs to offer 3 qualities to nourish your body and mind: pure, soothing, and powerful.

The above photos show our dedicated organic farmer friends in Shizuoka, Uji (Kyoto), and Kagoshima, Japan. Each farm is a proud producer of its own products. That means, most of our products are authentic “single-origin.” Each one is unique, and each one is responsibly grown with passion and love.

The photo in the center of the bottom row was taken when we took a tour to visit our tea farms in Kyoto and Kagoshima, Japan in 2019.

We believe “food is medicine.” Healthy food and drink make a foundation for your health. May pure, soothing, delicious tea be a part of your powerful wellness routine!