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Green Tea Resources

Thank you for joining today’s session! I hope you learned something new today, which will help improve your health! As we appreciate your willingness to learn, we’ve put together resources for your further learning.

Green Tea is your smart ally—green tea aims for optimal balance–sometimes antioxidants, sometimes pro-oxidants.

Green Tea’s benefits are holistic, as our existence is holistic.

The major contributor of a long list of health benefits of green tea, Catechins or EGCG, works on all 5 self-defense systems that Dr. Li talks about:

And the biggest takeaway from today’s session is you have a “low caffeine & potent” option of green tea by choosing Edible Green Sencha powder tea, TEA GROWN IN FULL SUN IN POWDER FORM!

Resource Videos by SEI MEE TEA®

Tea Types

Differences in sensory qualities and phytochemical properties of tea

The importance of soil management to grow quality tea

Kiyomi’s presentation about Green Tea and Cancer with Chef AJ

Dr. William Li Webinar Quick Webinar about Green Tea Health

Bill’s story told by Bill

History of Matcha

Plant-based Green-tea Cooking Class with Health Coach Sharon McRae

Creative healthy green tea cooking “Spring Green Parfait” by Chef Alexis