Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Meet Kiyomi

“Green tea and holistic health” is my expertise and I’ve been researching the health benefits and culinary possibilities of green tea since 2001. The journey is continuing while running my own tea business, “SEI MEE TEA (say-me tea)”. I’m a native Japanese living in the rural countryside of Oregon, a mom of two grown-up children, and a wife of a cancer survivor. After talking to my customers who have had various health concerns for almost two decades, I finally became a certified wellness coach in 2019.

A little more about Kiyomi

Kiyomi, the founder of SEI MEE TEA, is an avid researcher of green tea who began her green tea journey when her husband was diagnosed with cancer after her second child was born. The first thing she did was to make her husband drink 10 green tea teabag teas every day knowing the importance of the healing properties of this incredible plant from growing up in Japan. But by the third day, her husband, Bill said, “Honey, I can’t do this anymore, I’d rather die.”  

Desperate to help him survive stage III cancer, Kiyomi worked intensively to find a better, more palatable product to be able to provide Bill with the health benefits of green tea At Bill’s last visit to his oncologist, he told them, “Bill, you don’t have to come back to see me anymore as you beat the odds–but don’t stop drinking your green tea!” Bill and Kiyomi thought it was their moral duty to share their discoveries with the public and that’s how SEI MEE TEA was born. 

Kiyomi has been sharing her knowledge with her customers for almost two decades now with her mission being to offer the best, most enjoyable green tea for your health based on the facts.  The water process decaffeinated Sencha powder she offers is a rare-to-find product with the only ingredient used being certified organic Sencha green tea leaf.  This “dream come true” tea is the result of Kiyomi working directly with a certified organic farmer in Japan.  

As a green tea expert, Kiyomi has been sharing her green tea knowledge with naturopathic doctors, professional chefs, health coaches, business coaches on their media, such as live sessions, webinars, and podcasts. Here is one example of her concise, down-to-the-point explanation about “the differences between tea and tisane” on one of the knowledge base websites.

During her busy days, you find Kiyomi creating informative and visually attractive content for websites, newsletters, and social media, talking with her Japanese farmers and suppliers, and helping her customers with various questions from green tea basics to a healthy mindset. Her favorite ways to nurture her soul are to spend quality time with family and friends and to play the piano.

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