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5 major health benefits of green tea, green tea honey mask for acne

Green Tea Benefits you would like to share with your mom (and your teenage kids!)
What is Fukamushi Sencha? Great ways to enjoy tea leaf after brewing.
Mother’s Day Sale!

Share the Benefits of Green Tea! (and coupon code too)

“By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author

Thank your mom by making a delicious cup of green tea! When you do that, share the 5 reasons that you want your mom to drink green tea–we’ve posted a new article on our website, talking about 5 major health benefits highlighted from latest studies. Read 5 reasons

If you are a mom of teenagers who are suffering from acne problems…green tea may help with the problem! My daughter and I are experimenting with “Green Tea Honey Mask” and it works! Click here to see the “before and after” photo. You will find how she did it too. Good luck!!!

Fukamushi (foo-kah-moo-she) ~ Deep Steamed Sencha ~ for the best of both worlds

Organic Fukamushi Sencha

I recommend this Fukamushi Sencha, if you would like to try the complex, nutty, satisfying flavor of premium tea and not giving up on the health benefits of powdered green tea. Deep steaming method breaks down the cells of Sencha green tea leaf, grown in full sun and antioxidant rich green tea. This process produces fine particles and the particles are finer than a tea strainer so you will be drinking the particles. Fukamushi Sencha provides the both aspects of steeped tea and powdered tea.

You can enjoy a couple of good tasting cups from one round teaspoonful of loose leaf. Enjoy the different flavor of the first cup and the second–each cup offers distinctive flavors, and both are delicious. Some people prefer the second brew. Even after brewing, our organic, premium grade loose leaf is tasty, offering Umami (oo-mah-me: meaty, satisfying flavor) and provides antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, as we all know. Click here to find great ideas how to enjoy the leaf.

Organic Special Tea for a special tea time!

Give the gift of a Tea Break

Give the gift of a TEA BREAK with the very best tea to your Mom this Mother’s Day!

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