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Genmaicha Green Tea Ice Cream!

1. Get Coolest Ice Cream for Father’s Day!
2. 10% OFF coupon for SEI MEE TEA shopping.


June 2015 – Coolest Father’s Day

Our Edible Green(R) Genmaicha is now “dressed up” as an ice cream! This “toasted green tea ice cream” was created by Phin & Phebes located in Brooklyn, NY, using our organic Edible Green(R) Genmaicha. “Our philosophy about ice cream is simple: it should be fun for adults and kids, unpretentious, delicious (of course) and surprising in the best way possible. We want to change the way you think about ice cream ”

$15 off coupon for The Genmaicha “Toasted Green Tea” ice cream available at

Click the image and place an order by tomorrow (Tuesday) evening–they will ship their orders on Wednesdays and your order will arrive in time for this Father’s Day! (And shipping is free.)

During checkout, use sugar120 and get $15 off your order at

Is your dad on gluten free diet? No Problem! “Toasted Green Tea” ice cream is gluten free. Their “Gluten Free” ice cream pack includes the toasted green tea ice cream.

Drink Green Tea Everyday for your Benefit!

Do not want to drink hot tea? No Problem! Both Edible Green(R) Sencha powder and MATCHA taste great cold. Put powder in your glass, add 1/4 cup or so water, and add ice, stir well, and then fill your glass with more water. It is easy and quick! Add a slice of lemon or a squeeze of lemon, if you like–the vitamin C from lemon increases the antioxidant activity of green tea.

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