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Adaptogenic Tea

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Adaptogens offer unique health benefits and enhance the effectiveness of a healthy diet.


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What is Adaptogenic Tea?

Adaptogens are a group of over 70 herbs and mushrooms that have been found to have immense physical and mental health benefits. While we’re still learning the full effects adaptogens can have against illnesses and fatigue, what we already know makes it clear that they’re true superfoods.

SEI MEE TEA® has some of the best adaptogenic teas for sale online. If you’ve been wondering where to buy it, your search is over. Our teas can help to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and so much more. That’s the power of organic adaptogens.

Benefits of Adaptogenic Tea

Adaptogens offer unique health benefits and enhance the effectiveness of a healthy diet. One of the main draws of adaptogens for researchers and herbalists is their ability to interrupt the body’s stress response. Whether the stress you experience is physical, biological or chemical, adaptogens sense your reaction and stimulate the body’s stress-protection response. Over time, your body can build up a stronger resistance to stress, allowing you to do more without feeling the comedown of fatigue and illness.

Researchers have studied the role of adaptogens in health and have discovered some amazing effects. Physically, these herbs can help us resist chronic inflammation, cancers, metabolic disorders and illnesses while balancing hormone levels. Mentally, adaptogens can lead to lessened feelings of depression, anxiety and fatigue. Some may also improve cognitive function and memory.

Types of Adaptogenic Tea

SEI MEE TEA® has a selection of three powerful blends designed to target areas of your life you’d like to improve. Whether you’re looking for new ways to ease chronic illness pains or you simply want an extra boost of antioxidants and energy in the afternoon without caffeine, these teas have something to offer to everyone. Be sure to check out each product page for their full list of benefits.

Immune Booster

Keep your immune system in top shape with this chocolatey, umami tea, including organic cacao, reishi mushrooms and nutmeg. This blend may help improve blood flow, working close with white blood cells to balance cholesterol and glucose levels and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

Centered Energy

Your energy levels will stay high all day when you’re drinking Centered Energy tea. With organic maca, tulsi, ginseng and cayenne pepper, this tea helps increase your energy and endurance, improve mood and memory, and relieve symptoms of colds, the flu and asthma. Centered Energy gives your body a boost of natural antioxidants and is even thought to increase fertility.


Inflammation is an underlying cause of many chronic illnesses. Finding an anti-inflammatory that works for you is essential to reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. Ingredients like turmeric, ginseng and cinnamon give this spicy-sweet drink the ability to relieve pain, help good nutrients enter your body and aid in digestion and heart health.

Where to Buy Adaptogenic Tea Online

If you’re ready for improved immune health and boosted energy in the form of a delicious caffeine-free drink, order your adaptogenic teas today. You can drink them alone to really taste their organic compounds, or you can mix them with your favorite matcha, sencha and brown rice powder blends for additional benefits. Add these powerful adaptogens to your everyday diet to support the dynamic complex health system in the body.

At SEI MEE TEA®, we believe in tasty, organic, honest green tea that helps you live a better, healthier life. We’ve seen the power of tea in our own lives time and time again, all the way back to our business’ foundation. When you shop our adaptogenic tea powder online, you can trust that each blend comes from the highest quality ingredients. We test all of our products for lead, radiation and other contaminants and never sell anything that doesn’t exceed our standards.

Still not sure which adaptogenic tea will work best for you? Take our online adaptogen quiz before buying!