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The Best-Tasting Loose-Leaf Green Tea

Loose-leaf teas are generally higher-quality than tea bags. And although they require the extra step of putting them into a tea strainer or tea pot before steeping, most people find it worth it for the fuller, less bitter taste loose-leaf tea provides.

While store-bought tea bags usually consist of dust and very small fragments from tea leaves, loose-leaf tea includes the whole leaf. This distinction accounts for the difference in aroma and flavor. Quality loose leaves allow brewing more than one cup of tea, which is NOT a weak version of the first brew and provides a different flavor profile than the first brew. In order to enjoy the delicious second, third, and possibly fourth cups, choose the best quality loose leaves and pour until the last drop into the cup from each brew, so the leaves are not “brewing” in leftover water while you are enjoying the first brew.

Types of Loose-Leaf Green Tea for Sale

SEI MEE TEA has many premium organic loose-leaf sipping teas for sale online. Below are just a few of the wholesale green teas we have available.

Fukamushi Sencha

Sencha tea is one of the least processed green tea along with gyokuro, but with one major difference. While gyokuro comes from plants grown in the shade, sencha tea plants are grown in the sun. The sun’s rays lower the leaf’s caffeine content while raising catechin levels, which provide more antioxidant benefits to the drinker.

While widely popular green tea, matcha, is only available in powdered form, you can get sencha in whatever way you most prefer your tea. We offer loose-leaf and powder varieties.

Green tea leaves remain green as the oxidation enzyme was deactivated right after harvest. There are two ways to do this process–pan-firing and steaming. Pan-firing green tea is the traditional Chinese method and steaming green tea is the traditional Japanese method. The steaming method remains more phytochemicals than the pan-firing method as the process has a gentler impact on the leaves. “Fukamushi” means “deep steaming,” and Fukamushi Sencha makes richer, fuller aroma and flavor.


Genmaicha tea is a combination of green tea and toasted brown rice that will give you an aromatic, nutty taste that you’ll love. Low in caffeine, genmaicha is the perfect choice from early morning to evening — whenever you need to hydrate yourself with the green tea antioxidants.

At SEI MEE TEA, we make loose-leaf genmaicha from our sencha tea and organic toasted brown rice. The combination produces popcorn-like notes that are an ideal complement to Asian cuisine and your favorite desserts.


Hojicha is a roasted green tea. The roasting process creates a relaxing woody aroma and a comforting toasted taste. The roasting process decreases the amount of caffeine in the leaf. Enjoy it cold as a refreshing quencher, and get cozy with a warm cup of Hojicha tea.


Kukicha is a green tea made with stems. The stems are naturally low in caffeine, so the stem tea also offers a smooth sweet flavor. It makes a wonderful cold brew tea.

Gyokuro Tea

Gyokuro is the highest grade loose leaf green tea in Japan. Gyokuro means jade dew in Japanese, and our gyokuro is only made with shade-grown first flush tea leaves. To enjoy its concentrated Umami, brew slowly with low-temperature water.

Karigane Tea

Karigane tea is tea made with the stems of shade-grown tea. Our Karigane tea is made only with spring harvest. Even though it is “stem tea,” brew with lower temperature to enjoy its intense umami.

Other Loose-Leaf Teas

While we pride ourselves on a large selection of loose-leaf green teas, we have other varieties available as well — like oolong. We also offer our original blend teas and herbal teas that have little to no caffeine and provide the drinker with other potential health benefits.

Loose-Leaf Green Tea Benefits

We could write a book on all of the benefits you can gain from brewing and sipping on loose-leaf green tea. Mindfully conducted, brewing steps make a healthful ritual to enhance your spiritual hygiene. Enjoy the distinctive rich aroma. Watch the leaves slowly open up. Get soothed by the sound of pouring tea. Slow down and enjoy the moment.

The natural caffeine in the tea leaves provides you with a boost of sustainable energy to get you through your day, and that’s the least of the advantages of drinking green tea regularly.

Green tea has high levels of catechins, a type of antioxidant that prevents cell damage all over the body, working on the gene level. This protective compound can help strengthen your immune system, aiding your body in fighting against conditions like:

  • Cancer.
  • Heart disease.
  • Brain disease.
  • Type II diabetes.
  • Cold and flu.

By choosing high-quality tea, you can make the most of these benefits with every cup.

Where to Buy Japanese Loose-Leaf Green Tea Online

SEI MEE TEA is the best place to shop for premium loose-leaf teas available for sale online. Buying our wholesale organic loose-leaf teas will bring you one step closer to achieving your next health goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or protect yourself against diseases, organic green tea is a great place to start.

Our green tea has been recommended by naturopathic doctors for over 16 years. Place your order today to taste the difference! For more information, visit our FAQ page and feel free to contact us with any questions.