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Ceremonial Matcha

At SEI MEE TEA, we believe that everyone everywhere should have access to the incredible health benefits of ceremonial-grade matcha without traveling across the world for it. Like all our teas, the leaves for our matcha powders are farmed in Japan and sent to us for packaging. We take care to keep our teas’ strong antioxidant powers right where they should be — in your drink!

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Best-Tasting Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

The Japanese tea ceremony is called sadō, or chadō, which translates to “the way of tea.” After tea was introduced from China to Japan in the 8th century, how to enjoy tea had its own development in Japan. By the 15th century, “the way of tea” became popular among the higher classes, and by the 19th century, the ceremony became one of the skills for “sophisticated, educated people” throughout Japan. Today, tourists and natives alike can enjoy tea ceremonies all over the country in various settings.

What Is Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea?

There are two primary grades of matcha tea — ceremonial and culinary, otherwise known as everyday matcha. Most people are familiar with the standard grade, as it’s cheaper and better suited for use in most drinks and baked goods. The leaves for both types come from the same shaded Camellia Sinensis plants, but everyday matcha comes from more mature leaves, usually pulled from the middle levels of the plant.

The young tender leaves on the highest point of the plant are reserved exclusively for ceremonial-grade matcha. Most people consider these leaves to be the sweetest, and they produce the most vibrant color. This boldness is due to their higher concentration of chlorophyll and L-theanine, a compound in tea known for promoting focused, sustainable energy.

Traditionally, a tea ceremony uses the highest-grade matcha tea and follows a series of rules and etiquette.

When Should You Drink Ceremonial Green Tea?

The highest grade of ceremonial matcha tea powder we have for sale is best enjoyed to its fullest extent during an authentic tea ceremony. Preparing ceremonial matcha involves using a bamboo whisk to combine the powder and water until frothy. Our ceremonial matcha gift set will give you the tools you need to get started. All you need to do is find a serving set and a few friends, and you’ll be ready to go!

If you’re planning a tea ceremony or attending someone else’s, consider these tips to create the most authentic experience:

  • Pay attention to aesthetics: Although the tea is the essential aspect of this ceremony, ensure you are respectful and mindful about the presentation, too.
  • Allow the host to take charge: If you’re an attendee, allow the host to guide you through the ritual, from taking a seat to sipping your tea. If you’re hosting, know that you’ll need to prepare to lead your guests through every step of the process. You will be in charge of taking care of all the utensils and serving the tea to each attendee so that your guests will enjoy the sound, aroma, taste, and feel of the tea bowls, etc.
  • Be respectful: Bowing is a Japanese sign of respect. Be sure to bow when you first arrive or first see your guests and again when tea is served to you.
  • Remember the complementary snack: Make sure to serve a snack or sweets to go with the tea, of which flavor is complementary to the tea you serve. Often the case, the snack or sweets are chosen to honor the beauty of the season, such as maple-colored sweets in autumn, a “rice cake” covered with translucent jello for summer, etc. A tea ceremony can include a meal, and it can be expected to last a few hours, up to four hours.

You’ll also need to consider other things when planning a tea gathering, such as space, clothing, and arrangements. How you approach these depends on how formal the ceremony will be and how strictly you plan to adhere to tradition.

Where to Buy Authentic Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea Online

Whether you’re preparing for your first tea ceremony or you want to buy ceremonial organic matcha in bulk online, SEI MEE TEA has everything you need for an authentic Japanese tea experience. All our matcha products are certified organic, and we test every batch of tea to ensure it fits our standards. That attention to detail means no traces of lead, fluoride or radiation. We’re strict about quality because we believe in the power of tea in living a healthy life.

End your search for the best ceremonial matcha tea powder for sale when you shop for SEI MEE TEA.