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Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004



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Enjoy more antioxidants, more flavor, and convenience from real tea and herbs in a fine powder form.

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The Best-Tasting Green Tea Powder

When you have a cup of tea steeped from loose-leaf tea or prepackaged bags, did you know you’re losing nearly 70% of the benefits from the tea leaves? That’s why many people have chosen to make the switch to consuming their tea in powdered form.

With powder tea, you can add the entirety of the leaf to your brew and receive 100% of the flavor and amazing health benefits green tea provides.

Types of Green Tea Powder for Sale

Green tea is an umbrella term that describes a diverse group of teas with different grades, flavor profiles and health benefits. It’s available in power and loose-leaf varieties. Some people see powder tea and think it’s instant, but that’s not the case at SEI MEE TEA. Our green tea powder comes from fresh leaves that have been ground and strained for a fresh taste and the maximum benefits.

We carry a variety of familiar green teas, including matcha, sencha, hojicha, and genmaicha. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide on all four.


The use of Matcha green tea powder dates back to early Japanese tea ceremonies. The Japanese lauded it for its distinct benefits of providing sustainable energy, gorgeous green color and rich umami flavor. High-grade Matcha is still used in tea ceremonies worldwide today.

In Western culture, matcha is one of the newest and fastest-growing trends in tea. Because it’s grown in the shade, matcha retains much of its caffeine and theanine content. The plant’s increased chlorophyll levels provide it with that beautiful bright green color that many associate with matcha tea.

Sencha Powder

Sencha powder is matcha tea’s lesser-known sibling. The main difference that separates these two types of tea is how they’re grown. Unlike matcha, sencha tea is grown under full sun, decreasing the amount of caffeine in the leaf and increasing the available catechins — more on them below.

Hojicha Powder

Hojicha is a toasted green tea. The roasting process creates the tea’s relaxing woody aroma and comforting toasty flavor. The roasting also decreases the caffeine content in the leaves, which makes hojicha tea a perfect evening tea.

Genmaicha Powder

Genmaicha is a combination of green tea and toasted brown rice, giving you a more robust, nutty-flavored daily cup. Genmaicha is also low in caffeine, making it the perfect brew to sip on throughout the day. At SEI MEE TEA, we make our genmaicha powder blends with our sencha tea. The addition of toasted rice produces popcorn-like notes that pair well with Asian cuisine and sweets alike.

Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Aside from the delicious taste and calming aroma, one of the main reasons for drinking organic green tea is its health benefits. Many of these advantages come from a type of antioxidant called catechins. More specifically, one of the subclasses of catechins called EGCG is especially potent in green tea. EGCG protects against cellular damage all over the body and is thought to reduce inflammation and aid in the prevention of lots of diseases, including:

  • Certain cancers.
  • Heart and brain disease.
  • Type II diabetes.
  • Cold and flu.

Organic green tea is also thought to boost energy, support the immune system, aid in weight control and promote hair, skin and bone health.

With all the potential benefits green tea provides, there’s something for everyone to love. Whichever variety you prefer, make sure you’re choosing the best-quality powdered tea to ensure you’re getting the most from your brew.

Where to Buy Green Tea Powder Online

At SEI MEE TEA, we want to provide you with the best-tasting wholesale organic and powdered green teas for sale online. When you order your green tea products here, you’re buying from a tea expert trusted by naturopathic doctors for over 16 years.

Improve your wellness with the best-tasting tea you can get by shopping online at SEI MEE TEA. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page and contact us today to learn more about our products and our story.