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Green Tea for Catechins and EGCG

Edible Green(R) is organic Japanese Sencha green tea in powder form. The powder looks like Matcha but Edible Green(R) offers naturally more Catechin antioxidants and less caffeine than Matcha.

This tea is the best choice for you if you would like to get Catechin green tea antioxidants for your health but not too much caffeine.
Caffeine tolerance is personal. Even if caffeine does not bother you, if you would like to drink several cups a day or if you would like to cut down caffeine, Edible Green Sencha powder regular or water process decaf would be a good option.
As Edible Green(R) powder is a perfect alternative to Matcha for a less caffeine lifestyle, you can use the powder in the recipes that require Matcha, including a cup of tea, smoothies, baked goods, etc.

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