Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Premium Ceremonial Matcha & Gyokuro

Ceremonial Matcha offers two unique qualities: Deep richness of Umami and stunning bright green color. Because these two qualities can be achievable by synthetic chemicals, it is important to choose ORGANIC. When you choose organic, you are truly enjoying the wonder of nature; the best flavor, color, and nutrition.

Our ceremonial Matcha comes from Uji and Kagoshima.

Uji is located on the south border of Kyoto, Japan, which is a historically important place as the birthplace of Matcha. Our ceremonial Uji Matcha is the highest quality of the ceremonial grade. You’ll notice the smooth well-rounded energy.

Kagoshima is located at the southern tip of Kyusyu island of Japan. Its warmer climate is ideal to grow tea plants, and its relatively flat landscape gives an advantage of cultivating organic cultivation. Our ceremonial grade Matcha from Kagoshima is grown at a renowned Sakamoto Tea Farm. Their homemade organic fertilizers are intended to enrich minerals of the soil, and their ceremonial Matcha has earned the praise for its complex rich flavor.

Both Uji Matcha and Sakamoto Matcha are of excellent quality. Taste both Matcha and cultivate your understanding of ceremonial Matcha even deeper.

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