Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Sencha Loose Leaf & Powder

The sencha method for brewing green tea came about in 1738. Previously, tea for common people was of a much lower quality than the tea we enjoy today. People pan-fried or boiled leaves until they were brown and tasted rough. Uji tea farmer Sohen Nagatani knew he could improve the harvesting method and preserve more of the beautiful tastes and colors tea provides. He began steaming the leaves after harvesting them. Then he shaped the tea by rolling it, enriching the flavor.

“Edible Green” is our trademarked Sencha green tea powder. It is easy to use like Matcha, but it offers less caffeine and more antioxidants. It is available in regular and water process decaf. Both are made with organic Sencha green tea leaf grown in Japan.

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Best Tasting Japanese Sencha Green Tea

SEI MEE TEA® carries on Nagatani’s legacy by providing tea drinkers all over the world with the best tasting sencha green tea for sale online in both loose-leaf and powder forms. Our organic sencha tea comes straight from Japan, some even from farmers based in Uji, just like Nagatani. Whether you’re looking for a new tea to try or you need to restock on your favorites, come to the seller that’s been recommended by doctors for over 16 years — us!

Types of Sencha Tea for Sale

At SEI MEE TEA®, we provide as many versions of Japanese teas as possible so people with every preference can find the teas they want and consume them in the way they love. Let’s take a look at our options for sencha blends.


With powder tea, you’re able to consume the entire tea leaf and the entirety of its antioxidants, vitamins, minerals. Our Edible Green Sencha Tea Powders® are the best sellers on our website. You’ll find Sencha powder in caffeinated and decaffeinated forms, single-serve packets or in bulk and even in gift tins so you can share it with all of your friends and family.


While most of our sencha teas come in powder forms, we sell one form of loose-leaf sencha tea — Fukamushi Sencha. Fukamushi Sencha is steamed for a longer time than other sencha, about 80 to 100 seconds. Generally, the longer you steam tea leaves, the thicker the final brew will be. It will also appear darker in color.


Although sencha generally has low levels of caffeine, SEI MEE TEA® wants to ensure that people of every age and health status can experience the antioxidant powers of sencha. That’s why we made a decaffeinated version of our Edible Green Sencha Tea Powder®. This brew is perfect for children, people who cannot tolerate caffeine or for drinking in the evenings before bed. Get the same great taste and benefits without the boost of energy.


If a fresh-tasting cup of tea every morning is important to you, or if you are often on the road, consider our single-serve packets of sencha powder. While powder teas already save time and trouble over steeping loose-leaf teas, single-serve packets are the ultimate time-saver. Simply mix one packet into 8 ounces of water, and you’re ready to drink a fresh, healthy cup of sencha tea whenever and wherever you want.

Benefits of Organic Japanese Sencha Tea

Did you know that less than 5% of Japanese tea is made fully organically? SEI MEE TEA® is one of the few tea brands that is certified organic, meaning pesticides and other chemicals never touch our products between the farm and your front door. We also test our teas for lead and radiation and only use product that is free of both.

The safety of our products and our customers is of the utmost importance to us. We don’t want anything to interrupt your body from getting those green tea antioxidants. Sencha tea in particular has a significant amount of benefits. Sencha is grown in full sun and therefore has higher levels of antioxidants, EGCG and other catechins and lower levels of caffeine and L-theanine.

If you want to drink tea for its health benefits, sencha is the choice for you. In fact, a scientific study done on our Edible Green Sencha Tea Powders® has proven biochemicals of Sencha tea can combat cancer cells. The benefits in sencha can also protect against heart disease and diabetes.

Where to Buy Sencha Tea Online

SEI MEE TEA® is the best place online to buy Fukamushi and other types of sencha tea. For us, providing high-quality sencha tea is personal. Our founder, Kiyomi Koike, created Edible Green Sencha Tea Powder® after her husband, Bill, was diagnosed with colon cancer.

As a Japanese native, Kiyomi knew of the transformative powers of green tea and wanted to create a tea that would give her husband the cancer-fighting antioxidants he needed with a less astringent taste than the loose-leaf brands she got at the grocery store. She did, and her husband beat his cancer. Kiyomi, Bill, and Bill’s oncologist all believe that green tea played a part in his remission.

At that point, Kiyomi knew she needed to share the empowering information about green tea her family experienced firsthand. If you’re ready to transform your life through sencha green tea, place your order today.