Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004

Pure, Soothing, Powerful Tea since 2004


Edible Green Tea Sencha Powder 40 cups in storage tin


*Smooth, Soothing, Not Bitter

*Authentic Japanese Sencha Green Tea in fine powder form

*Drink entire leaf for maximum green tea health benefits

*Less Caffeine and More Catechin Antioxidants (EGCG) than Matcha

*Certified USDA Organic

*Packaged in a portable tin for easy storage and scooping


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“My radiation Oncologist asked me to start drinking this healthiest green tea everyday. I have and I love it. Even if she said I could stop, I wouldn’t! It has become part of my daily routine!!”  ~Matthew, February 2019

Ingredient: Organic Japanese Sencha Powder

Caffeine Amount per Serving: 10 mg.

Edible Green Sencha Powder regular is organic Sencha green tea leaves ground into a fine powder form.  If you are looking for the green tea powder that offers the highest level of EGCG and less caffeine, this is the tea for you.  Grown in full sun, Sencha powder offers more antioxidants, Catechins or EGCG, than Matcha. Matcha is considered one of the healthiest teas. If you would like to enjoy green tea antioxidant benefits with low caffeine, Sencha powder is the healthiest green tea for you.

As you ingest an entire leaf, the powder offers 100% nutrition available in tea leaf. Enjoy the convenience with no brewing time, no teapot, and no garbage to take care of–just mix the powder with hot or cold water. Add powder to a chilled water bottle and shake it up–great tasting, antioxidant-rich, zero-calorie green tea is ready for you instantly. It also makes a delicious latte. You can add it to your favorite smoothies, soups, dips, etc.

Preparation: Mix 1/4 tsp. powder per 8 oz of water, hot or cold

Net Weight: 20g/0.7 oz (Makes about 40 – 8 oz cups)

Storage: Packaged in a portable tin for easy storage and scooping.  Store in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click here.

Additional Testimonials/Reviews:

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent sencha product you send to me. I believe that it keeps my immune system strong. I really appreciate the information in your newsletters as well.  I love you guys and I love your products. God Bless!!  ~Elizabeth, June 2021

To be honest, to begin with, it was just the ease of having instant green tea that was organic and non-commercial.  Our Co-op in Arcata, CA used to carry the sencha and I bought it as an experiment.  I find preparing leaf green tea fussy and haven’t yet found a tea bag brand I like. Plus with tea leaves and tea bags, you always have to consider the timing of the brewing and it can get very bitter very easily. I have come to love your powdered Sencha, and drink it daily, especially in the afternoon because I know it won’t keep me awake.   It’s smooth, refreshing, and has just enough caffeine to make it interesting. I have tried your other powdered teas, most recently the special Matcha, and enjoy them as well. Thanks for making these great products available online.  ~Karen, August 2019

I am thrilled about the Edible Green Sencha Powder! I just tried it for the first time today, and WOW! It is amazing! I mixed it with cold water in a glass jar and gave it a good shake. It is completely smooth and not at all clumpy like some matcha teas I have tried. It is light and has a delicious taste, and I felt great after having it. It settled very well in my stomach, and it also gave me a burst of energy, and a sense of calmness and mental alertness. I could feel all those wonderful nutrients flowing through my body, and the feeling of mental alertness was without the caffeine buzz I would get with matcha. The sencha powder gave me much more of a “pure” sensation after drinking it. I am excited about the health benefits, and also the lower caffeine level. I was drinking matcha tea every day for a couple of years, and now I am definitely switching to Edible Green Sencha! It will not only give me incredible health benefits and a great feeling, but it also costs much less than the matcha tea I was drinking. Thank you SEI MEE TEA!  ~Kevin, September 2018

What a real treat!  I absolutely love the simplicity of it being ground up and ready to go, and it has a great flavor.  When I got home I mixed my Sencha Powder with a cold glass of water and it was delicious; the simplicity is where it is at!  ~Todd, September 2018

Good quality for a good price.  ~Simon, April 2018

I’ve been drinking Edible Green twice a day. I had severe pain on my back and it was so painful so I had to crawl. My pain started to go away in 2 days after I started to drink Edible Green. Now it is completely gone.  ~Dr. D.C. Winkelman, March 2018

I am a long-time customer because this is the best tea I’ve ever had. I love the sencha edible green tea and drink several glasses a day.  It’s always packaged so nicely and arrives in a timely manner.  ~M. E., January 2018

I can’t wait for my tea! I just LOVE the edible one, it’s so yummy and gives me just enough *oomph* to get through the day, not too much, just enough!!  ~S. R., August 2017

A good product. I will buy again.  ~John, July 2017

Sei Mee Tea has really changed my life for the better. I’m also convinced that as a middle-aged man, my health and wellbeing have dramatically improved because of the Sencha and Matcha particularly. Thank you very much.  ~Francis, April 2017

I first bought Sei Mee Sencha at Nature’s Pantry in La Grande, Oregon, when they were celebrating their grand opening last year. Since I started to drink this tea, I’ve seen tremendous benefits on my health. I was also able to quit coffee, and now I drink this tea every day. I will keep drinking this tea forever!  ~Forrest, March 2017

I started drinking Sei Mee Ground Green Tea after I was diagnosed with cancer and have been drinking it daily for the past 10 years. I attribute my continued health to the tea, fresh food, daily exercise, and stress reduction.
Thank you Kiyomi for making ground green tea available, for coming into my life at the right time, for your quick mail service and your personal attention.  Joy to you, Joy, February 2017

Great taste! Not bitter compared to matcha, like some expert sites say. I tend to drink this all day long, straight, no sugar, for good taste and more of a sustained and mellow degree of alertness than coffee which, after consuming the same volume, will “scream your head off,” then make your brain “crash and burn,” sometimes at the most inconvenient times (like just before, or, in a meeting). It’s very high on a number of ORAC lists, e.g., appx. 55 and 88 times more ORAC than the highly-touted superfoods spinach and blueberries, respectively; so, drink it for sustained youthfulness, as well. Research says add lemon juice, to increase absorption, by 3X. DO IT! BE CONSISTENT! BE HEALTHY!  ~Robert, February 2017

We are full-time RVers and want to stay healthy on the road as long as possible. After attending your “Green Tea & Health” seminar at the Good Sam Rally in Redmond, Oregon, I bought your Complete Set. For a while, I wasn’t drinking the tea regularly and then I remembered that you had said that diabetics found it helpful and some were able to reduce or eliminate their medication.  Now that I have been diagnosed with diabetes, I decided to try diligently–two servings a day and it was amazing. Before I began regularly drinking Edible Green, my A1C test level was 6.8%. After about a month, I retested and A1C was 5.9! A great improvement. I continue to drink my Edible Green twice a day and love to share my story with anyone who has a similar challenge.  ~Linda, September 2012

Sei Mee Tea tastes absolutely wonderful. Words cannot describe this pure flavorful goodness from an edible ground green tea. I am so very grateful for discovering this health wonder that uplifts my mind, body, and soul. So now that I am utterly hooked for life please continue to offer this priceless item forever. Thank you. With Kind Regards, Dolores, February 2012

Dear Kiyomi

I was impressed last week when I received the 3 cans of Edible Green Tea + whisk + Marine Phytoplankton.  Every item was wrapped as if the package was being received by a king.  Gave one container to my sister-in-law she is health concerned also.  Thank you and stay well Kiyomi.  ~Tom, November 2011

I used to take green tea because it’s good for me–it was the same as fish oil, like medicine. When I tasted Edible Green, I was pleasantly surprised; “Oh my, it tastes good!” I really enjoyed the flavor. Edible Green is the only green tea I drink because it pleases my taste buds, not just because it’s good for me.  ~S., September 2010

I’ve tried lots of green teas but nothing touches Sei Mee Tea. It’s the best. I’m getting my whole family off coffee and onto Sei Mee Tea products–Edible Green and Unforgettable brown rice drink.  ~Dr. J.M., June 2009

When my throat starts to get itchy, I take Edible Green and chase the bug away.  ~G., November 2005

I drink Edible Green at least a cup a day. I make a bunch of muffin batter with Edible Green and keep it ready to bake. The taste is so subtle, and my husband doesn’t notice.  ~Linda, March 2005

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