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Electric Double Whisk Frother


– Make rich and creamy froth in seconds with a unique double ‘whisk’ head

– Great to mix Matcha powder, Edible Green powder, or Unforgettable caffeine-free coffee powder

– Also works to froth milk of your choice

– Easy to clean

– Comes with a handy stand

– Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)


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How to use:

1. Add Matcha powder, Edible Green Sencha powder, or Unforgettable caffeine-free brown rice coffee powder to a cup.

2. Fill a cup 1/4 full with warm water. Place whisk in the water.

3. Press and hold the button to whisk, 1-2 seconds at a time. Frothing at a 45 degrees or slight angle by tilting a cup produces great results.

4. Add more water or milk of your choice to fill the cup.


How to clean: 

Dip whisk into hot water and briefly turn it on, or rinse whisk under running water.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 10 in
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